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Crown moulding on staggard height cabinets

13 years ago

After a last minute change from a OTR microwave to a SS hood I had to re-order the cabinet that went over my stove from a 16" deep to a standard 12" deep. The KD did not tell me that since my cabinets were staggard height that changing from a deeper middle cabinet to a standard depth would totally screw my desire to install a beautiful 3.5" crown along the top of my cabinets without some strange cut back angle/pocket effect on my cabinets. Sooooo after two nights of lost sleep due to the fact that I didn't personally feel I could learn to like the new cut back on the crown, I gave up scrapped two beautiful pieces of crown and moved on to a straight trim that I am hoping will NOT look really, really out of place when my kitchen is finished.

If any one has a better solution PLEASE let me know. The trim guy will be here next week.


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