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Our elderly puppy has a problem - has anyone seen this?

8 years ago

Three times now, in this past (very cold) week, our 15 year old Pekinese mix, Ginger, has flopped over on her side while outside on her walk and howled and we picked her up and carried her into the house to her bed.

Ginger had a cold and a bad cough two weeks ago. She has recovered from the cough and seems to be feeling better, although she has definitely aged (and is showing her age) since a year ago. At that time she seemed like a spry 80 year old (in person terms) but now seems more like a 90 year old (or 90+).

When she had the cough, we started walking her separately from the other puppy girls, both because it was hard for her to keep up and difficult for her to be outside as long as they are (which isn't really that long in the winter, only around a block or sometimes two when the weather isn't so bad). Because of the cough we started walking her only until she does her business and then go back to the house. She knows what she is out there for, and she is usually finished by the time she gets less that half a block down the street. Sometimes I actually only walk her from our door (we are the corner house) down the sidewalk to our corner and back and that's all it takes.

Anyway, we are not out long and don't go far.

About a week ago, when my husband had her out, she flopped over on her side and howled. He picked her up and carried her back in. She seemed to be ok after that, other than the cough, which wasn't quite gone at that point.

Then, yesterday, she did the same thing. It was after walking, after pooping, and we were at the bottom of the steps just ready to come in the house. I picked her up and she was very limp. Normally she doesn't trust being picked up and always stiffens up, like she thinks she might be dropped, which (of course) never happens. So, I carried her in, put her down in her bed, and within a few minutes she got up and ate her dinner.

This morning, my husband said she did the same thing. I have been upstairs in my office, working for the most part. When I was down earlier, I gave her a tiny bit of my scrambled egg and she ate it right up but did not get out of bed. I'm not sure whether she has been up or not. I haven't seen her up when I was down there. But she seemed to feel fine and act fine.

Now it's time to take them out again, so I am anxious about what's going to happen.

We are wondering if we should take her to the vet, even though she seems to feel fine. We are wondering if she should be going outside at all. Maybe we should get some puppy pads and put one near her bed, or at least somewhere close. We are wondering if this is going to be our last winter with her, if we are going to lose her. We're sure not ready for that to happen.

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or know anything about what might be going on? She has never liked the cold, and in past years, when she got cold she would sit down and want carried. This is different. ...

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