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Talk to me about the Miele T98xx dryers

12 years ago

Hi all, it's been eons since I posted here but I just got the Miele W4842 washer after my F&P ecosmart gave up the ghost.

I'm really enjoying the washer and am considering getting the matching dryer. How do owners of the pair like their dryers? I am concerned about the apparent lack of flexibility in settings on the dryer as I often toss damp things in for 20 minutes to dry (I have young kids and you know how that goes.) I also really like the display on the washer and wish the dryer had that too. Is there a next generation dryer coming that I should wait for? My dryer works fine, but it's going on about 15 years old.

I can go either gas or electric. We put in a stub behind the dryer for gas in case we wanted to go that route, or I can stick with electric. Any thoughts about what is better? I'm sensing reading the posts here that electric is better.

Thanks for sharing any thoughts and experiences with these dryers.

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