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New HVAC quotes - Opinions?

15 years ago


I live in the Triangle, NC. I received quotes to replace heat pumps/air handlers (both too old, one already stopped working due to refrigerant leak, heavily oxidized) and wondered what your opinions were on these. The house is a 2-story, 2100 sq ft equally distributed between two floors.

Both technicians recommended Carrier Comfort, but were open to doing Trane estimates.

Quote to replace one system (2nd floor)

Technician A

Carrier Comfort 2-ton 25HCA324A003, 13 SEER

Paired with an FX4 Comfort Deluxe Fan Coil, fixed-speed blower (updated to variable for an extra $375).

New lineset+gutter guard, drainline (right now its just a pipe dropping watter off a second floor outer wall), and partial ductwork, thermostat wire, 1 yr service maintenance, Carrier warranty.

Total - $7,947 SEER: 13

Quote to replace both systems -

Technician B

Carrier Comfort 2-ton, model 25HCA324. Paired with an FX4 Comfort Deluxe Fan Coil variable speed blower.

Replacing the drain line in the crawlspace unit and ducts in attic, safety switches, but reusing existing refrigerant piping, 1 yr serv main, Carrier warranty.

Total - $14,055 SEER: 14,5

Both techs quoted 2-ton units on the merits of walking around the house and based on their experienece. Both measured the perimeter of the house and took pictures before leaving.

With Technician B I voiced my concern about not doing a Manual J, he stated he always does one prior to starting the job. When I asked what if he found out I needed more than 2-tons units he said he would upgrade me for free if he was wrong. I asked if cost would be substantial (concerned about this affecting his decision) and he said no.

Both seemed very honest and professional - what do you all think?

Technician B's organization has 25% of its staff NATE certified (none for Tech A). Both have decent ratings at the Better Business Bureau, both companies have 150-200 employees.

It's so much money I'm leaning towards getting a couple of other quotes from two other orgs with NATE certified techs to see if prices are reasonable - but how much weight should I place on NATE and the BBB?

THANK YOU so much for any advice or suggestions, I am a single female and although my brothers are helping with advice from afar, it's pretty much up to me.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend,


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