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A\C compressor stops; won't restart until system down for 5 min.

10 years ago

I have a Bryant\Day & Night 568D compressor, a BDP 518A air handler, and a Honeywell TH6000 thermostat. It cools just fine but periodically the compressor will stop on its own (or maybe doesn't kick back on when the thermostat says go) even when the room temp is high enough to trigger the system. During these times, the blower is still blowing (albeit just recirculating warm room air) and the thermostat's display looks normal, with a solid "cool on" message.

What is strange is that all it takes is for me to turn the thermostat to off for about five minutes. When I turn it back on to the cool setting, everything works just fine. It'll stay working as needed for a couple of days, then I'll notice that the compressor fan isn't turning even though the blower is running.

Is this a thermostat problem? I realize that there is a compressor protection feature that keeps the compressor off for a while if the restart is right after the last shut down, but when that feature kicks in for a few minutes, the "cool on" display flashes and the blower is temporarily disabled. That's not happening here.

Where else might this problem lie? Is there a self-resetting circuit breaker in this compressor that opens under stress but won't reset until all juice is turned off to the system?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Nick in Palm Springs

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