What kind of tile floor do you have with white painted cabinets?

11 years ago

Hi everyone:

I've posted a time or two in recent months but mostly I'm a lurker because I don't have enough knowledge about much to do so. However, I'm learning so much from this forum and appreciate all the great advice and information shared.

We are about 4 weeks out on delivery of cabinets and I'm trying to figure out what to do about the floor. We want tile, but I need something easy to take care of and I can't afford anything terribly pricey....which eliminates limestone and similar tiles. I'm going to have white painted shaker cabinets and either soapstone or black granite countertops. Hopefully it will be honed granite if we don't end up with soapstone. I'm not really into earth tones and I want a really clean and simple look in my kitchen.

On HGTV the other night a guy remodeled his house using a daltile product. It was a porcelain tile that looks just like marble. It's not shiny..but matte and has subtle's called Carrara Star. I went to the local daltile showroom this week and I love it. I thought I had my mind made up to purchase it but then I feared it might be overkill with white cabinets. I know it would be impossible for the white of the cabinet and the white of the tile to match...but I think unmatched would look best anyway. I think I should mention that my kitchen only has two windows in it and they face the light isn't great and there's not much of it. That is one of the reasons I chose white cabinets in lieu of something else because it would feel like a dungeon in there with dark cabinets.

What do you think about white porcelain "marble" tile with white painted shaker cabinets and the dark countertops described above? I am going to paint the walls with a real color....not white or vanilla. I'm not sure of the color...but I'm leaning toward a butter green tones...just pure soft butter yellow..

Thanks in advance for your help.

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