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Corner Range Layout/Follow-up on Baking Center Question

15 years ago

Ok, here's my try at a slightly new layout. For reference, I've included my current design, the corner design and some elevations of the corner design. Please ignore some of the backsplash issues.

Current Design w/Range Top in current Cooktop Location:

New Corner Cooktop Layout:

Corner Cooktop Elevation:

New Fridge Wall Elevation:

Things I like about the corner layout:

1. I could get double 30" ovens and still have room to put the MW next to it.

2. I get a nice long run of counter on both sides of the cooktop.

3. I can directly vent the hood to the outside.

Things that make it challenging:

1. The corner cooktop "counter" is about 30" deep.

2. I think I would have to go with a cooktop rather than a range top.

3. The hood is a little tricky as a standard depth would not extend far enough.

4. I want a wood hood with a mantle, the mantle many interfere with adjacent wall cabinets (I've tried to leave a little wiggle room here.

5. Not sure if the mass in the corner is balanced by the window.

6. On our current 36" cooktop location, DH and I can both cook on either side of it at the same time. This may be harder in the corner configuration.

7. The current length of the angle wall is only 30", so to do 36" we would have to pull the cooktop forward, of course the counters over there are currently 30" deep.

Thanks for hanging in there, any opinions???

One last thing, I can't get a 36" cooktop in here, so it looks like its only 30" in the drawing.

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