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Where do you get your weather forecast information?

13 years ago

Do you get your weather info online? We don't have the tv on a lot (no cable or satellite), and we get most of our forecast info from the internet. I usually go to However, that site is making me crazy lately with it's inaccurate optimism.

For instance, on Sunday or Monday of this week, I checked upcoming weather and except for Wednesday, the weather was supposed to be cool but sunny and gorgeous for the whole Labor Day weekend. As the days went by, I checked some more and now Wednesday's rain will be here Thursday and Friday, too. This seems to happen all of the time. Currently they're showing sun on Saturday - Monday, but I'm guessing that'll change soon, too.

My DH pointed out some time ago that when the weather guy on TV shows the long-range forecast, the final day of the forecast is ALWAYS shown as being sunny. He's right 99% of the time and I always look at the long-range forecast now to check what the last day is going to be. I suppose they make it sunny since it's too far out to accurately guess the weather well, but what they don't understand is that the average person uses that forecast info when planning for events.

I know weather forecasting isn't perfect, but I'm wondering if any of you have a website that's more accurate than what I've got! Thanks!

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