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Please help select Trane models for new construction

14 years ago

I am building a new home, and my contractor bid two XB90 gas furnaces and XB13 air conditioners. I am locked into my GC's sub for this equipment.

I have asked for pricing on alternatives so that I can make a decision about what to go with.

The choices I have been given are:

XB90 - Base

XR90 +$600 each

XT90 +$500 each

XL90 +$400 each

XV95 +$1000 each

I couldn't get any alternatives to the XB13 AC unit. We are in Pennsylvania, and I think it is just "assumed" that the basic 13 SEER unit is the right one.

1) I'm wondering if the delta prices are backwards for the 90 series models - the XL90 is two-stage and I would have expected it to be more?

2) Assuming that the +$400 is correct for the XL90, I think it may be worth getting, expecially since I have little confidence in the sizing of the system to my house

3) I am considering adding zoning myself to the first floor system after it is installed, since the ductwork is all easily accessible in the basement. Would the variable speed blower help with this, and make it worth going to the XV95 there?

4) Should I be pushing for the 14SEER AC unit? It seems that perhaps the 13SEER is OK for me and not worth it (hard to tell since I didn't get a price yet!)

I appreciate any advice you can give. I know that this isn't the ideal approach to selecting a new system, but I'm very happy with my GC overall and am looking for the "best compromise" rather than a big fight.

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