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Pix of Our Smoked Chicken

12 years ago

Yesterday, we smoked a whole chicken for dinner. We used mesquite & it was quite possibly the best chicken we've ever eaten. Gotta say, roast chicken used to be one of our favorite meals. Now, we're thinking it's going to be a long time before we cook a whole chicken any way except in the smoker. Wow, just fabulous. Moist, flavorful, tender, everything you could ask for.

The chicken was about 4 lbs. We smoked at 210 degrees for 4-1/2 hours. The dry rub was my Holy Mole rub. We'd intended to use mole sauce but while nibbling during carving we decided it didn't need any sauce so scrubbed that idea. We're going to make enchilladas tonight with the leftovers & use the mole sauce.

Next on our list is pork shoulder. Our 5 lbs. of bacon is going fast. :( We're eating too much bacon! It's just so darn good we've been having breakfast for dinner once a week. I'm going to order 25 lbs. of pork belly from Whole Foods this week (it takes them a couple weeks to get it in).


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