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melted chocolate question

14 years ago

I tried to make a flourless chocolate cake for the first time yesterday. The recipe has 2 ingredients, chocolate (11oz) and eggs (10 separated). It called for the egg whites to be separated and whipped. I thought I followed the recipe fairly closely, but I must have done something terribly wrong!

I chopped up the chocolate (Valrhona le Noir Extra Amer 85% cocoa) and melted it in the microwave on medium. There were still some whole pieces which melted after a bit of stirring. The chocolate ended up nicely melted and glossy. The bowl felt slightly warm, definitely not hot. Then I let it cool for 5 minutes, as called for in the recipe.

I gently stirred the egg yolks and added them to the melted chocolate. That's when it happened! The mixture turned into a very firm, very large lump! Did the chocolate seize or was it still too warm and cooked the yolks?

How did I mess up what seems to be a very easy recipe?


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