Must I replace my furnace

12 years ago

To make a really long story short. I recently moved into my fathers house and determined the following:

I originally was concerned because the heat was not working properly. I called in two HVAC companies and both wanted to charge me $$$ for a new furnace. I called public service and he determined that my hot water heater and my furnace were both connected via 4 inch pipe to my 4 inch chimney liner. He turned off my heat because he said this was not code and that it was backing Carbon Minoxide and backing up into my furnace. I was told I need to either reline the chimney with a larger pipe, get a self venting hot water heater (I just put in a new one less than one week ago) or replace my furnace that is 14 years old. These are my choices.

In addition, a new furnace is not going to solve my comfort problems because the duct work is not great.

Do I have any options besides spending $5K on a new furnace. and yes, I realize I can spend $1500 to rebuild the chimney liner but I was told that may create more problems and then I still have a furnace that is 15 years old. Or I can spend another $1500 on self venting hot water heater but I just replaced it and then again I will still have a 15 year old furnace and some HOT rooms and some real cold?

If anyone has any thoughts or Ideas that would be much appreciated. The $5k includes changing the air conditioning coil as well as a high effieciency furnace.

thanks in advance for reading my DILEMA !!!!

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