Please advise on new hardwood floor botched finish.

12 years ago

Friends on the Kitchen forum suggested someone on the Flooring forum may be able to help with my floor problems. So, this is a X-post. Thanks.

The new white oak floor has been a nightmare. The floor installation is beautiful. The finish is unacceptable. The subcontractor's work for our GC has always been impeccable. They cannot grasp why his work is substandard on our job. Of course he has all kinds of excuses: too warm, humidity too high, finish dried too fast, dust from the HVAC blew on the floor (it was turned off). From the very beginning he was a perfectionist (or maybe just a control freak now that I look back on it). He insisted the floor be installed, sanded and finished before the cabinets and appliances were installed. He used Street Shoe finish, which he said was better than Waterlox.

The first finish had streaks and variations in color all over the kitchen and the bakery. After I questioned the quality, he agreed to refinish the floor. The cabinets had been held for almost 3 months waiting for the room to be ready for install. They were scheduled to install the next week. There are not toekicks. The cabinets were installed without the furniture base so he could come back and refinish the floors behind the front edge of the cabinets without damaging the base.

The second the finish had thick pools and runs all over the room. DH's patience were past the limit because the construction was taking so long. (It started 5th May and was to be done in August.) I didn't think the finish was acceptable. ''Be careful what you ask for, he said, it could be worse next time.'' The GC and architect came for the final walk through and the punch list. The floor was not acceptable to them either. The architect said, would you want a paint finish on your car like this? We discussed options, including a reduction in fee. DH & I did not have any confidence the floor sub would do any better a third time. We didn't want him to touch the floors again. When the GC talked to the floor sub, he went ballistic. He was cursing said awful things about me. Then the floor sub called me! He insisted on seeing the floor, I said, ''No, any resolution must be through the GC.'' I have not had any contact with him since his tirade with the GC. GC and I marked all the runs and pools, and he met the floor sub to look at the floor. Oh, she is right about the floor. I'll do it again. Sheeeesh.

He did yesterday. The project manager was here all day yesterday. This morning I found bubbles, grit, rough spots, and circles in the finish. DH said just leave it this time. It's different but no better. Honestly, I don't want the sub back.

What is your opinion of the finish? Am I justified in thinking it is not acceptable? What should I do?

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor Finish Slideshow

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