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Elimination diet recipe challenge

13 years ago

My doctor has put me on an elimination diet. Oh brother. I already don't eat many of the baddies like processed and fatty/spicy meats, sodas, preservatives, alcohol and chocolate, but now so many other things I like are off limits. At least for now. Here are the things I don't know how I'll live without:

-Acid foods, inlcuding even decaf coffee and tea and green tea



-Sour Cream



-Onions (garlic seems to be OK)

-Citrus fruits

-Hard cheeses


-Berries except for blueberries I can have


-peaches, nectarines, cherries


-Walnuts and pecans


-Kidney, lima and black beans



-Cloves, ginger, cilantro, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, tumeric (these seem a little extreme to me!)

-rye bread


Anyone have any good recipes excluding all that stuff? I need some meat recipes as I'm going to be eating chicken, turkey and fish to make up for the lack of those beans and soy. I don't do red meat or pork. I can eat other legumes though, like white beans and blackeyed peas.

I'm also looking for some pasta and rice dishes since I eat those foods almost every day.

Wondering how to make guacamole and hummus without lemon, onion, cumin, tahini and peppers. I guess it's not possible, and I eat those two things a lot for snacks.

Salads are going to be a problem!

Frankly I have a feeling that most of these foods are going to come back into my diet, but I guess I have to "eliminate" them as possible triggers of my problems. I have to start with the most extremely bland diet to start and then gradually add things back in. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, it's for Interstitial Cystitis. Probably TMI!

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