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Stairs - replace carpet with hardwood, etc.

8 years ago


I'm not sure if I should post this here or on the Remodeling forum, so will probably ask on both!

The staircase in my foyer goes halfway up along the right wall, makes a 90 degree turn left, and continues the rest of the way upstairs. The left side of the staircase (as going up) is completely open to the foyer (with a railing of course).

The staircase currently has an endcap where the spindles go down into. The stairs are carpeted but I will change this to hardwood.

Now, I would like to remove the endcap and have the hardwood tread extend all the way to the open side, and then the iron balusters (new) go directly into the tread (as most staircases seem to be).

I had 2 estimates where both places indicated it was better to replace the entire staircase.

I had a 3rd place come over today, and it seems like they would just cut off the endcap and somehow extend each stair and lay the new tread over each existing/extended stair (so it didn't sound like they'd rip out the entire staircase and install a new one).

Is there any structural/functional issue with doing it this way? Will the stairs possibly squeak more, or be less stable? Or should I consider this contractor when I make my decision?

BTW, the other estimates were around $8500 - $9500 -- where it's possible the difference is in the stair/railing parts (some cost more than others and I'd have to look what they each quoted - I was looking for the squarish railing/post.).

Anything else to consider? To be honest, when I decided I wanted to change the stairs to hardwood, I never thought it would cost nearly this much to do that. I could consider just putting the hardwood on the existing stairs, but I'd prefer the hardwood extend out. Also note that I will be replacing the entire upstairs with hardwood as well.


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