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Replacing carpet with LVT stairs... didn't expect such sloppy stairs

Courtney Moses
4 years ago
So, I didn't expect my stairs to be pretty, but I didn't expect them to be this uneven/blocky under the carpet. I am trying to replace the carpet with Shaw LVT throughout the house and already have the stair noses. Unfortunately, it looks like my stairs are all crooked and uneven, and even (on the 1st photo) look like they cut the stair treads too narrow and scabbed in some extra boards. Not exactly an even surface for laying LVT planks down on. To make it even better the treads that are poking out over the risers are WAY thicker than the nose of the LVT stair noses I have.

So what do you guys think my options are for resolving this? I am hoping there is a solution other than rebuilding all of the stairs (I have over 35 steps in my house total...) but understand if that is the only viable option for moving forward since I don't want this to look mediocre in the end. And I figured I'd ask now before I went through the pain of prepping all of them!

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