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Installing Engineered Parquet Wood Tiles Over Laminate Planks?

14 years ago

We moved in our home about a year and a half ago and basically hate the laminate planks that were installed here. In the upstairs, the laminate is installed in the hallway, living room, and kitchen. There is carpet in the bedrooms and office, tile in the bathrooms.

We want to keep the tile in the bathrooms, but want to install engineered parquet tiles everywhere else. I say parquet, because that is what they are labeled, but they have no fancy woodwork to them - they literally just look like wood tiles.

Anyway, how should we go about this? I know we'll have to rip up the carpet, as the new flooring cannot be installed on it, but do we have to rip up the laminate flooring, too, or can these tiles be installed on top of it?

Also, in the kitchen, it is apparent that the floor is uneven. Do we need to use a product to even it out, or what?

So many variables...any advice is appreciated.

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