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Can I Float Engineered Wood Over Vinyl Tiles?

15 years ago

We bought a batch of engineered wood flooring from a floor store that went out of business, along with moisture retardant and glue. Our plan was to rip out the carpet, apply the moisture retardant to the concrete slab, then (after it cures), glue the wood planks.

We just found 9x9" vinyl tiles under the carpet in one of the bedrooms with black adhesive under it, and we're thinking we should leave that alone because it might contain asbestos, and just float the wood floor over it. But how? I've been reading that adhesives won't stick very well to vinyl tiles because of the black "cutback" adhesive under it.

1) Is there some type of epoxy we can/should put over the vinyl tiles to "encapsulate" the vinyl tiles and the black cutback adhesive?

2) What type of moisture barrier can we put it? Some type of sheet underlayment, right? What brand/type?

3) And can the engineered planks float over that? The planks we have are Shaw brand (, and have tongue-and-groove construction so they fit together but they don't really "lock" into place.


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