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Hardwood - Finished on site vs pre-finished?

15 years ago

We are currently renovating our kitchen and we are completely stumped on which floor to put into the kitchen. We were originally thinking hardwood because it would be easier on the feet & back over tile. A neighbor said he has never had a problem with water with his hardwood floor because he had unfinished hardwood installed and they stained and sealed it in the house. He said it was messy, but that is the only way to prevent water from seeping between the planks. Our other issue is the area in front of the kitchen patio door will get scratched, for this we are considering doing tile or a carpet? I've read pre-finished engineered hardwood floors do a better job with scratches than finished on-site. I really want to have the floor last 10-15 years, so if I buy a 25 year warranty floor, I'm hoping that will make sure the floor looks good for the next 15 years. Any Advice? Comments?

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