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Asbestos Tiles on wood floors with no sub floor

9 years ago

I am renovating my kitchen. There was awful laminate above tiles and original vertical grain pine below the asbestos tiles. Most of it is still down, apart from some tiles I pulled up that were under the base cabinets on one side and not covered by the laminate.

Here's the thing...there is no sub-floor under the true 3/4" wood floors. I have a subterranean garage which all of the original house is built a walk out basement. When we sanded the LR and BR floors, it coated everything in the basement due to the old wood floors lacking a sub-floor.

So now, I understand removal of the tiles is not a huge problem and I will need to get the glue tested for asbestos between the tiles and wood floor before I can think of sanding it off, but have we already been exposed for the 3 years I've been here? I have my laundry in the basement. Store things there. Have spent many, many hours cleaning out the basement. Some of the tiles came up mostly intact , but others crumbled. Never thought about them being asbestos until I started reading about them recently.

Any idea of how to move forward? Damage done? No asbestos disclosure with sale and this was a bad DIY job, so he knew which is no doubt why he covered that room with laminate instead of taking it back to the floor like the rest of the house. Frustrated as the entire ceiling is open to the attic at the moment. Have a new expensive HVAC system. Will that have to be cleaned, too?

Any input most appreciated.

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