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New red oak floors with Nordic but still too raw appearing

26 days ago

I just had new red oak 5" floors installed throughout new build. Was trying to save money and get close to white oak as possible was told they would use bona Nordic. It was used but still appears to have noticeable pink throughout and the flatter finish makes it look like it's still raw. I've had 3 friends preview and without me saying anything everyone thought it was still unfinished, surprised when I said it's done 🤯.
I'm going to have to get them redone again, resanded and all after closing. It isn't my dream floor.
The staircase treads honestly look more uniform and better than the floors, without pink.
What can I do to fix this ? He mentioned resand and then bleaching floors down. But how do I get than sandy white oak look. Def not the pink look or whitewashed/white look. Nordic seal didn't do what I looked for. I need to lighten any darker floor boards and get rid of pink in all others.. but will I need a stain over it then ?
Help.. ahhh.
(Ie... Next time I'd rather pay theb extra for K for white, def worth it. Red will never ever be the same)

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