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Just Found Mom's Recipe's -- What To Do?

15 years ago

I was going through a box of recipes, mostly my own, but I found three small spirals of recipes that my mom obviously collected through her visits with relatives and travels abroad. Each page is in her own handwriting, most often with a note as to where the recipe originated. I want to incorporate some of these recipe's into my own collection; but I also think it would be a nice thing to start a mailing. What do you all think about my mailing the little books to my brother, sister, cousins, aunt and friends of moms to circulate her recipe's? They can copy as they wish and send on to others on the mailing list or to friends/relatives of their own with instructions to keep them moving? My mom died five years ago March 23. Would it be a good and happy thing to do? Or do you think it would bog down and go nowhere? I don't have children or grandchildren to pass them on to; so I think it would be a tribute to mom to pass them on to share any way I can. Any thoughts or comments?


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