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Baby Shower Gift - Shower Weary

Okay, I have received an invitation to a baby shower being given for my cousin's DIL. CDIL is having twins.

Would like some unbiased opinions:

1. How much do you generally spend on a baby shower gift? I know the gift amount varies depending on how close of a family member/friend for whom the shower is given. I've only seen CDIL at a few functions hosted by my cousin over the past 5 years. DH & I did attend the couple's wedding 5 yrs. ago.

2. I hate buying from a registry, so I am trying find something a little out of the ordinary. However, I am thinking that clothes may be the best idea as this poor mom-to-be is going to be doing loads and loads of laundry every day for years. Do I buy two gifts since the mom-to-be is having twins? While mom-to-be is registered at 3 stores, I am 99% sure mom-to-be will get most of the things she's registered for. The guest list is apparently pretty hefty, probably 75 guests will attend.

3. Also, inside the invitation there is a typewritten sheet of paper with where mom-to-be is registered, directions to the venue and reads "there will be a wishing well and a clothes line if you would please bring a small gift of clothing to hang up...".

Geez, Louise, more to buy? I am feeling like either have one or the other, or how bout neither? Sounds to me that I am to bring an item(s) of clothing to be hung, and a gift for the wishing well? Am I crazy, or is this bordering on overkill? Between the clothes line and the wishing well, I am spending what I would normally spend on a shower gift for someone I didn't know all that well.

This is the 6th shower I will be attending in the past two months. I am a bit showered out. LOL

So, what are your thoughts on how much to spend, i.e.; do you double the amount you would normally spend because it is a twin shower? Unique gift ideas for twins, or anything remotely helpful or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I am shower weary.


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