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*new thread* Michael Thurmond food tips and recipes...

22 years ago

Hi Everyone,

After reading the large post below, I thought there should be a post just for food tips and tricks!

My tips are:

I use Nu-Salt in place of table salt.

DO try the Jambalaya recipe! It is wonderful!

If you can't have red meat, are you allowed pork? Try using ground pork for meatloaf or stuffed peppers/cabbage rolls. Ground turkey is OK, but I prefer the pork! Your butcher (hiding behind the meat counter wall usually) can grind up anything!

Try some no fat, no sodium Miracle Whip in your tuna. (I had to have my store special order it)

Do try the cucumbers and onions in balsamic vinegar (add a few packets of sweet and low!) for a crunchy snack, it helps!

I found pear and raspberry infused balsamic vinegar in my store as well, it's great on lettuce with that dreaded 2 oz. dry turkey cubed on top, and almost tastes like expensive dressings you might normally buy!

Add some sautéed mushrooms/onions/pea pods to your 2oz. portion of chicken/turkey/beef. Remember they are the few free foods!

To add some butter flavor to your mashed potatoes, asparagus or any other veggie, find your local cake-decorating center (look for Wilton products) and get some artificial butter flavor. I have used it for years to make pure white frosting for decorated cakes.... but it adds that flavor to foods as well, and it's made of water!

Add a little fresh lemon juice and you have a nice lemon/butter sauce for your fish!

(DonÂt cook with it though, use it after the food is cooked!)

That's it for now, please add to this thread, then we can all eat "friendly" food!



Who has lost 8 pounds in 5 days, and with no exercise! (it has been too hot and humid here!)

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