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Reception after Boy Scout ceremony- Need ideas!

20 years ago

My son's Eagle ceremony is at 7pm on June 17 with a cake-and-punch reception afterwards. My husband and I were thinking of adding "goodies" to the cake that will be offered. There will be about 150 people.

We will have access to a refrigerator, but not an oven. We were thinking about having something like fruit trays, vegie trays, and cheese/crackers/summer sausage. We've also thought about having 3 bowls on each table (one for M&M's, one for peanuts, one for pretzels).

Any other ideas? (I'm not wanting to spend much time in the kitchen, LOL)

Has anyone ever bought the bags of mixed frozen fruit at Sams Club and tried putting them on a platter next to a box of toothpicks? I don't want to be slicing fruit for days before! Or should be put fruit like that in a bowl??

Any opinions? HELP!


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