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Reviving Small Landscape for a Small Wedding Ceremony

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Well this turned into a longer post than I expected, oh well. We will be getting married here soon, and I would like to do the house up something nice for the occasion. I might not pull this off, but if not, it's the thought & effort that will count.

We just moved here and are working on reviving the landscaping in our spare time anyway. For our wedding we are just going to have a small ceremony in the back yard, and then a reception elsewhere with a bigger group. I would like to go big on the flowers in the front for the occasion. Something like this, but perhaps less hard to accomplish. I only have a couple of months here, I work 60 hours a week, and worst of all I lack a green thumb...


I like the flower edging here (pink stuff) and would like to do something similar to ours .. perhaps not as densely packed or hard to accomplish. Not sure if this would even look right with our piddly shrubs behind them...

Right now we are discussing edging & mulching the front, and will probably be doing that in the next week or two .. but I would like to be mindful of what I have planned when doing it. I am posting pictures of our current landscape at the end of this post. I would like to set the area up nice for some decorative flowers to be planted prior to our wedding date ... a temporary landscape splurge I guess. Within reason and within my abilities of course.

The lawn grass in front and back is in less than good shape, and I am working on reviving it. Soil seems mostly clay, but I have not had a test done. I had the sprinkler system checked recently and it is in good order, and running on a regular schedule. I think we have mostly Bermuda around here, but my lawn is sparingly Bermuda instead of weeds. I've hit it with Weed B Gone and will be applying pre-emergent soon. Zone 8A, North Texas.

I'll be trimming the rose bushes down in advance of the wedding. The other shrubs will be trimmed as well, meatball style ... eventually I would like to replace them. But for now all we are doing is mulch & then the wedding flowers (if I can figure it out).

Our house :)

(faces south)

Would like to trim these big double knockouts to about half this size, I think. Eventually would like to move the thorny things out of the walkway and somewhere else, but that will have to wait. Would like to time them to bloom on the ceremony date ... need to research that part.

Privet bushes line the house, except for this lone Holly at the corner. Elaeagnus bush hiding behind each rose bush.

A lot going on on either side of the front door. In this photo there is the rose bush left, Privets right, Elaeagnus hiding in the back, and I am not sure what the little green guy hiding down there in the leaves is.


More privet

On the front East side... these privets may be removed anyway

Wow you made it this far? Thanks!

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