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If you read this would you find it offensive?

12 years ago

Earlier today, DH and I were stopped behind a Hummer3. On the back window at eye level was a sticker with an American flag on it. Next to the flag, in big bold letters it read,

"Please do not put MY flag on your foreign car".

I found this to be so offensive for so many reasons and I've been thinking (fuming) about it all day. First, since when is it just their flag? That flag is representative of a country that many of us have fought for ourselves or have loved ones who are fighting, have fought or even died to protect. And then there's the idea that someone can just say you shouldn't be able to display something that your proud of and is equally yours just because you chose to spend your own hard earned money on something they don't agree with.

The American auto industry is not in trouble for no reason. Their product was inferior for many many years and they lost the consumer base by their own doing. Why anyone should be "EXPECTED" to invest in a product that is knowingly inferior is beyond my comprehension. We have a Nissan Truck and a Jeep Liberty. We bought our vehicles because they were the best vehicles we could afford for the needs we had. I don't give a flying flip what someone else thinks we should drive, those decisions are nobody else's business but our own. Besides, I worked for Kelley Blue Book for 10 years, I know what is made where...and most people (where we live especially i.e. the land of the Big Three) seem to be clueless as to just how the auto industry really works.

Okay, so now that I've vented, I'm just curious, does that statement bother you? What's your take on it? Please I need to hear some other perspectives.

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