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Proctor-Silex compact grill

16 years ago

As a thank you gift from a survey company I belong to, I received a Proctor-Silex compact grill. Last night I had the first chance to try it out. I marinated two chicken breasts, heated up the grill, and away we went. Bear in mind I have had no experience with these little grills, so maybe some of you experts can give me some hints.

The first thing I noticed is that the lid doesn't close completely on top of the chicken breast. I would imagine that the only time the lid would close completely on a piece of meat would be for a relatively flat hamburger or pork chop.

The drip cup just sits there. It's in a good place to collect the drips - I didn't have any mess around the machine, but it doesn't hook to the machine at all.

This is a "compact", meaning it only cooks one thing at a time. My husband and I didn't mind - we just ate in shifts. The hardest thing about that was keeping the vegetable hot between his chicken being ready, and mine. I nuked the vegie again, which worked, and the rest of the meal was "cold" anyway (mixed fruit and cottage cheese).

One of the reasons I chose this gift, over other things that were offered to me, was that I had been eyeing the George Foreman grills in the store. However, they were a little more pricey than I thought - and I didn't want to buy something and then find I wouldn't use it - especially while my husband is waiting to see if Disability pay will kick in.

If anyone has this grill and has some suggestions on its use, I would love to read them. Or just ideas for using a small one-person grill. For instance, I wasn't really happy with the marinade I used last night. (I was shooting for something with taste that was both low-sodium and low-fat.)



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