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Trim...MDF or Painted Maple?

12 years ago

I need to decide whether I want our trim to be MDF or paint grade painted maple. My builder says it's my choice and there is no price difference, which was a surprise to me. He says he recommends MDF because of how well it paints but it truly is my choice.

Our house is semi-custom, in a subdivision in Ohio with houses ranging from $500K-$2million. We're building closer to the lower end! Certain quality details are very important to me such as all solid doors, solid hardwood floors, grids in all windows not just front windows, smooth ceilings, and smooth and non-flat walls. But I am not sure about the trim???

I have three kids and a dog and I worry about knicks in painted wood. I had a painter paint some trim and doors in my old house (think it was poplar)and hated the way the knicks looked with the brown showing through. I have heard from several neighbors that they love their MDF because of how easy it is to paint and clean.

I do think MDF looks and feels a little strange but I think I am just used to wood, having lived in two older homes. But, I don't think I'm averse to MDF. I am also not concerned with people coming into my house and judging me based on whether I have wood trim or MDF. I just want to pick the right product for our lifestyle. Like I said, there is not cost difference for me.

As always, any advice is appreciated.

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