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computer won't boot - black screen

11 years ago

hp pavilion 64 vista 4 years old

I have been away for a few days and when I got back I cannot get my computer to boot all the way. The blue power switch was on but it would not turn off. I had to unplug it and it will now turn off at the push switch,but still nothing but a black screen when I turn it on.

It will now turn off with the power switch on the tower, but thats it. When I turn it on the little yellow light blinks for a few seconds then stops....I can hear the fan running, and it does not seem to be too hot. I do not hear any beeps. Nothing at all flashes on the monitor to try and do a tap on F8, although I tried that too. I checked all the connections.

I"m not sure how I left it, don't remember if I put it in "sleep" mode before I left..that's what I usually do so I assume that's what I did.

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