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Google Earth Help: Viewing My Roof

8 years ago

I've been playing around with Google Earth for the first time. It is fascinating! One practical use is that I really want to view the roof of my house. I just moved in two months ago and haven't yet got a ladder to take a first hand look. I'd like to see what vents, etc. are there. In Google Earth I can find my house and zoom in to a degree on the roof but it really won't give me a clear picture. At some point it won't zoom any more and suddenly switches over to street view. It seems like I'm missing some "focus" button to zoom farther in and focus for a clearer shot. In doing a search for help I saw that some roofing inspectors are using it as a tool for measuring roofs, vent placement, etc. So they must be getting clearer pictures than I can get. Could this be because they are using the paid version of Google Earth rather than the free download?


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