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A big, honkin box o bounty from Katie in Idaho!

18 years ago

This afternoon, on one of the most s*ck-a-licious days of my entire year (apologies to those who dont care for that word! Lol), I got a note from the receiving room in my building. There was a package waiting for mea BIG package.

I wasnt expecting anything else so I figured it must be my swap box. Ding, ding, ding! And what great timing. It arrived on a day when I really needed a good pick-me-up.

To give you an idea of how heavy this box is, Katie spent $22.50 on postage just to get it here! Lol I understood when I started opening all the pink and yellow and purple packages. Katie says she had a canning marathon last Sunday. She wanted to include some of the fruits (and jams and soups) of her labors.

Im gonna tell you everything Katie included, but first I have to issue my Luddite Disclaimer: I dont have a digital camera. I dont have a membership with Photobucket or similar service. So I regret that I cant post pictures of this avalanche of goodies. Im just gonna have to rely on my talents as a former retail copywriter to convey the wonder of all this cool stuff. Here we go:

Katie claims to be theme-challeneged. Lol Instead of one comprehensive theme, she included an assortment of mini-themes. The biggest theme isThe Potato Box with potato wrapping paper! Inside I discovered a bag of parmesan/garlic potato chips, two Idaho Spud candy bars (shaped like potatoes but definitely chocolate-y/coconut-y in flavor), "Heart of Idaho" potato soup mix, a vegetable brush shaped likeyou guessed ita potato! Also a bar of Spud Suds! Its an all-natural-ingredient bar of soap with a killer scent. Yes, it lists potato as one of the ingredients! Lol

Katie also included several items from other areas of the Northwest Oregon, Washington and Canada. She remembered that Im currently into 2002 Cabernets, and sent me a bottle (unbroken! Yay!) of Columbia Crest from the Columbia Valley in Paterson, Washington. This one will be opened later this evening for mass consumption. Count on it! :o)

But wait: theres more! Lol Katie sent me an individual serving of smoked king salmon fillet. I cant remember if Ive mentioned it on the forums but I LOVE salmon. Love, love, love it. Cant wait to sample this little beauty. Theres also a packet of dill dip mix, which is billed as being great for chips, crackers and veggies.

Katie says her area also is known for huckleberries. She included a couple of goodies from a friends shop. So now Ive got a packet of ready-to-brew huckleberry tea AND a packet of huckleberry cocoa. Im not sure, but I suspect this is also where the Huckeberry Lotion came from. Smells sooo good!

Theres also a trivet covered with delphiniums in the most perfect shades of violet and lavender. Theres a label on the back that says this trivet came from Pridham Studio in British Columbia. Web address is:

I mentioned something about canned goods, too, didnt I? :o) Theres huckleberry jam, blueberry/lavender jam, jalapeno pepper jelly, Indonesian satay sauce, and roasted tomato/garlic soup all from The Kitchens of Katie.

Last but not least, a bottle of caramelized onions from the Coeur dAlene Dressing Company of Rathdrum, Idaho. This is gonna go great on my Trader Joes pizza. I love to buy TJ's ready-to-bake dough, throw on a sauce, cheese, tofu and whatever, and then cook to perfection. Cant wait to taste what the caramelized onions are like on this!

Oops, I almost forgot. Katie also enclosed four bell-shaped chocolate truffles. Two appeared to be filled with blueberry sauce I think? And the other two had what appeared to be a light peanut butter filling. Its hard to remember because theyre the first things I tore into, and that was a good hour ago! Lolol

Katie, you rule. Thank you for the thought and effort you put into this box. You gave me eating options that dont require cooking. For that I am eternally grateful! Lol And now, I must return to my goodies for more personal sampling. You know for quality control purposes. Yeah.thats it. ;o)


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