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the scoop on Hansgrohe Thermobalance, hand held, orb

12 years ago

I just read through all the threads on hand held showers and want to thank everyone for all of their advice and opinions- it really helped b/c ordering for a simple shower/tub is def. not simple or cheap when you have ORB and want a hand held shower on a slide bar!!!!

I wanted to save some $$ b/c this was a kids/guest bath but, by the time I added it up going with Moen products vs. the costlier Hansgrohe it was only about $100 ( in the scheme of things-that is not a lot!)extra for everything. Everywhere I looked the Hansgrohe products were rated far superior( esp. the hand held shower on the slide bar).

The bad thing is if you want everything for one brand (like Hansgrohe)in ORB it just won't happen.

Things I learned from Hansgrohe:

they don't sell tub drains or the lever to drain the tub or the brass tube to connect the two.

they don't sell grab bars.

their thermobalance valves(the thing to shut the water on/off and to choose temp) comes with 1,2,or 3 diverters based on how many items you have to use water (tub, shower, hand- held) etc.

We got a thermobalance II that has a diverter right in it so the tub spout doesn't need its own diverter (the knob that you pull up and down)

Anyway thanks again and if you are having trouble finding shower components in ORB and think it is challenging, it is, but don't be afraid to make calls to the faucet companies-they can be super helpful.

I think the plumbing stores/websites could do a much better job of setting their sites up to make it easier to order these products, but at least I had all the expertise from you all!

I want to recommend a company I found on one of the threads-I ordered all my products from them-their prices on hansgrohe were much better than anything I could get locally-their website stinks but they seem to carry everything-you just need to call ask for prices. A couple items from Moen were a few dollars more than the usual large plumbing websites, but they matched the price...def. check them out for hansgrohe stuff


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