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Garden Heebie-Jeebies

10 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

* Posted by Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 10:20

Okay all of you dedicated gardens, what things - plant, animal, other - give you the creeps in your garden?
In another thread I posted about Rudbeckia hirta. I am on a mission to eradicate it from my garden, but suddenly have developed an aversion to the hairy stems. Creeps me out to grab 'em and yank.
What does it to you?

* Posted by: Mad_Gallica Z5 NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 10:38

Large plants of purslane. Those fat, succulent stems that look like worms. Real worms don't bother me at all, but those fat red, stems. Ick. I know exactly what you mean.

* Posted by: LeeAnna z8 WA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 11:15

Grabbing one of my one-gallon pots and feeling the slimy, boogery body of a big, fat slug with my bare hand. E Icky.

Spiders sometimes do it, too. Like when I'm standing in the middle of a bed weeding and I look down to see three daddy-long-legs climbing up my legs. Or the time I uncovered a big beetle the size of a quarter, picked it up to move out of harm's way, and eight legs unfurled. That was no beetle. Shudder.

* Posted by: Frizzle z6 PA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 11:36

walking in sandles in the damp grass and scooping up a slug with the toe of the sandle but not realizing it until you have walked a bit more and smooshed it between your toes

* Posted by: Tiffy_z6aCan 6a (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 11:46

I have no aversion to picking up slugs with my bare hands. They make me sooooo MAD!!! But right now, I'm building another rock wall, and sometimes I pick-up a piece which has a slug underneath and in the process of lifting the rock, place my hand/fingers on the unseen slug and 'squish!' YUCK! As you can tell, I don't use gloves...

* Posted by: Artchik z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:06

I am phobic about mice. Phobic to the point where any small mammal darting across my peripheral vision freaks me out. I actually screamed when I accidentally uncovered a rabbit nest in my garden bed a few weeks ago and a baby rabbit jumped out. Chipmunks scuttling behind shrubs make my heart race. My husband thinks I need therapy!

* Posted by: jboling Chicago area (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:07

Moving a large rock or other object that's been sitting in the same place for quite a while and seeing all the squirmy life underneath slithering away for cover. Doesn't happen often in my garden because I don't have too many stationary objects, so it must be a nightmarish memory from my childhood exploring days.

* Posted by: saucydog z5MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:10

I try not to look....but something sort of slithers through one of the beds I've been trying to weed.

I also don't like spiders, but I have those big "wood spiders" that look like tarantulas to me. E day I was potting things up for a swap, and it crawled out of the pot I grabbed. I threw the pot and ran in the house. When I came to my senses, I figured the spider had been just as horrified and moved on. I finished potting up.

I don't mind "things" being there, I just don't want to cross their path (and I'm sure they feel the same about the 50 ft. woman crossing theirs!).

* Posted by: Leslies z5 NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:23

There's a weed that resembles sweet woodruff with some kind of hairs on the leaves and stems that grab at your hands when your hands try to grab at the plant. Ick.

Once I found a REALLY ENORMOUS beetle with ENORMOUS pincer jaw things that looked like it had wandered out of the Amazon jungle. It freaked me out!

Poison ivy. I know it's just a plant and I've even survived the rash without dying, but when I see it in the garden, I give it about a 10-foot berth.

* Posted by: Chris_ont 4-5 Ont (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:26

I have a morbid fear of stinging insects (stumbled into a wasp nest as a wee lass). The very sight of a wasp in the yard has me sleepless, wondering if a wasp nest is being built near the house. I'm sloooooowly getting used to the bumblebees that are making sure I've got raspberries this summer.

Also, there is some humungous fungus (hey that rhymes) living under my cedar hedge. Every spring it sends up a football-size clump of mushrooms that look like a very large dog yacked up his kibbles.
Fortunately, that thing is going in a few days, leaving behind a pile of brown rot that looks like some alien has escaped from there. Yuck.

* Posted by: girlgroupgirl 7b (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:48

Both the saddleback catapillar (ohh, they got me badly a lot last year), BIG huge fat juicy garden spiders (they just look so ferocious even though they aren't), and brown recluse spiders...these ARE ferocious!! Fire ants (they bite my kitties feet) - I hate these biting flies we have had and mosquitoes too (because they carry virus and gave me kitty heartworm (this is before she came to live with me). Now mosquitoes give me the heebie jeebies because of all the gunk they can carry. Rats of the 21st century!
I am now over my disgust of black widows, and other various spiders, many beetles, roaches of all kinds (they are just yucky when IN the house)...our soil is full of creepy crawlies.

* Posted by: kathieZ4MN (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:54

We have a bad case of army worms here this spring. The trees around us are about all denuded. There are massive clumps of these worms on the tree trunks as they begin to slow down. I first knew they were here when I could hear their droppings fall like rain out of the trees. The only advantage is they are perhaps adding some fertilizer to the ground. The trees will re-leaf (relief!). I just had one crawling on my back as i sit here. You either freak out or do as I have done...learn to live with them.

* Posted by: ccsuzy z6 IN (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 13:05

Huge masses of Japanese Beetles. I can stand picking them off the roses and other plants, but last year I was in my parent's back yard and heard this low rasping sound - I soon realized it was the hoards of Japanese Beetles that were infesting their Chinese elm tree and eating it to shreds. If you shook a branch literally hundreds flew out, and you could see small black droppings all over the ground and garden bench. Eee

* Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 13:13

I am terrified of spiders. I don't bother them in the garden, but I give them a wide berth! Earwigs totally freak me out. I don't know what it is about them, but I hate those things! Mosquitoes just p*ss me off!!! Thank goodness I don't have to deal with ticks!!! THAT would freak me out!!

* Posted by: mscarlet z5 MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 13:22

I have a lot of snakes on my property and NOTHING scares me or grosses me out more then seeing one! I had bought a lot of terracotta pots this year and had a couple of the big ones upside down in my mulched rose bed. The other day I grabbed one to plant it and a milk snake was under it and I dropped the pot and ran like a maniac away. I had to have a friend that was over come over and take it across the street and get rid of it. It was just a baby maybe 8 inches long but I don't CARE about how long it is. The fact that it is a snake and tried "biting" was enough to give me nightmares. NOTHING in life other then flowers should be purple and white YUCK! CREEPY.

I can deal with the spiders that are always in the mulch. What I can not deal with are the HUGE mommas that form webs under the eaves of my house. Last year I hadn't even noticed the darn things and my son was spraying them down. I could not believe that a spider could get some big and we had several of them. The other day I noticed the webs and took out the hose and was spraying them down and out came these creatures that could curl your hair to look at. It grossed me and scared me but I was determined to get to them before they turned big enough to carry me away!

* Posted by: laura37 z5 indy (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 13:23

I have a pretty serious phobia of most all insects....the larger they are the more petrified I am. Beetles, centipedes, cicadas, and spiders are the worst. The neighbors probably get quite a laugh watching me garden - I scream and flail around wildly like a madwoman if anything sneaks up on me!!!

How ironic that my biggest phobia comes right along with my biggest passion in life.

* Posted by: another_hosta_please 6 Coastal MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 13:40

SLUGS! I am okay picking them off by hand and squishing them under my shoes (I actually enjoy squashing them dead) because I think of all the holes on my hostas I avoided. The thing that creeps me out is sort of what Nicole mentioned above. I think that I squished them all only to accidentally find one with bare skin on some part of your body. EWWWWWWW!!!!!

* Posted by: ChrisMD 7 (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 14:33

Tent caterpillars - cute individually but disgusting when you have to remove a web full of hundreds of writhing caterpillars mixed with caterpillar poo. Did you know that when they're small and still edible, they spin web walkways up the branches and then walk UNDER the sticky web so the birds can't grab them? Take a look next time you have one in your yard. Really sneaky. I was destroying a web and the wren came right away and was squeezing the tent caterpillars like tubes of toothpaste and eating the guts.

* Posted by: Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 14:52

(so why did I decide to check on this thread while eating lunch?)

* Posted by: Raining_In_OR Zone 8 OR (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 15:06

I'm with you Veronica, reading this thread is giving me the creeps...e I've been fortunate enough to never squish a slug. I've only seen daddy long leg spiders in the garden and they don't scare me. And I've never come across any beetles or caterpillars. But it's the earwigs that completely freak me out. I can't stand them with their little pinchers. Just thinking about them gives me the jitters.

* Posted by: Ginny12 z5 MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 15:28

Two years ago, I cut some bittersweet along the road to decorate the house for fall. A few hours later I saw the biggest insect I have ever seen outside a National Geographic special--and it was climbing up my drapes. Scream!! I had to get up close to see it and, worse news, it looked like the Asian longhorn beetles that are starting to kill so many of our trees in some cities. I called a UMass entomologist and he explained that there are many species of longhorn beetles. A revolting revelation. Then I had to get the Dirt Devil out to vacuum him up (insect, not entomologist). Accidentally knocked it to unseen place. Sheer terror now. Finally located him, vacuumed him up successfully and tossed the vacuum, insect inside, out the door. I'm shuddering all over just reliving this.

* Posted by: babsclare z5OH (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 15:57

I actually am able to respect/deal with most bugs or what have you, BUT the one thing that definitely gives me the heebie-jeebies enough to eek! is walking into or through a spiderweb - those ones you never see as you walk through wooded areas and they end up on your mouth or eye. And even worse is if the spider is still there and it ends up dangling from my hair,etc. Oh man I get the jeebies just imagining

* Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:22

babsclare - AAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!! That happened to me once!!! OMG I walked face first right into one of those huge black and yellow orb weaver webs. Man can spiders move fast when they want to!!!! If anyone saw me thrashing around and waving my arms like an idiot they would have thought I was being attacked by an invisible mugger or something!! It must have been 25 years ago I did that and your post brought it right back lol!!!

* Posted by: designingwoman z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:28

I freak out whenever I kill a bug that makes a crunching sound before it makes a smushing sound. And those nasty white grubs that live right under the sod make me gag.

But creepiest of all, I think, is reaching down to rub my big dog's hairy belly and coming away with a slimy slug that she picked up in the garden. yuck.

* Posted by: Chelone z6 so. Maine (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:47

I am just cracking up, kids!

I had horses years ago and the great big "Charlotte" type spiders used to creep me out pretty well, but they were very effective flycatchers so I "got over it".

I'm OK with slugs, pick 'em up and whip 'em into the bright sun (remember that?) in the middle of our gravelly driveway.

Sometimes I get weirded out by great big worms crawling over my hand while I work in the soil. But I end up laughing at how silly I must look when I recoil so quickly.

Beetles don't bother me at all, any size is OK with me.

Snakes are no problem, either. I "got over" that one, too, because one of the cats brings them home to me, leaving them on the deck (9-10' off the ground, cats have a ramp to get up there). I have to carry them downstairs (through the house, mind you) and release them (over 24" long I sort of herd them into a paper bag, though). I jump when they startle me, but then I'm OK with them. Nothing poisonous around here.

Japanese beetle larvae are pretty gross (when they're big, white, and "C" shaped). I make myself squish them under my thumb. This is a good "party trick" when I'm gardening with a squeamish person ;) . I do have trouble picking up Tomato Horn Worms, too.

I get grossed out when the cats bring home a "flopper", a prey item that is too roached to live, but isn't quite dead yet. I especially loathe it when they lose interest and I have to deliver the coup de grace. And yesterday I managed to put my hand on a decayed chipmunk while cleaning/weeding behind a large hosta prior to mulching the bed. I should've known better, too, since that area is known to us the "bower of death"... all the kills end up there, it's the cats' little clubhouse. ICK-O.

* Posted by: Jannie z7 LI NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:50

Anything with less than two legs or more than four legs scares me!!!

* Posted by: debgrow Z5 Chicago (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:51

Yesterday my daughter (15 years old) came to me and said "Mom can you tell me what this is"? She was pointing to the back of her head, where she had pulled the hair away exposing her scalp. It looked kind of like a lentil, or a seed of some sort, and it was stuck so tightly to her scalp that I couldn't pull it off - I thought it was a big wart or something!

It was kind of dark in the room where I was, so I brought her into the kitchen where the light was better. My husband, who happened to be in the kitchen, looked at it and without saying a word, grabbed a paper towel, yanked on it, and a bug fell into the sink, wiggling it's legs, and leaving something that looked like a mosquito bite on her head!

She was very very "creeped out" (and as a 15-year-old female, it doesn't take much, but I was pretty creeped out, too!). She screamed, shivered, and then ran upstairs and took a shower and washed her hair about 11 times! After she was done, she picked up everything off the floor in her room - first time she's done that without a big fight since she was 11 - and washed all of her bedding.

I called the doctor who said it was probably a tick and we should bring her in to make sure we got all of it out (and didn't leave a head or a jaw still in her scalp - I didn't tell her that part)! And, I was a little worried about Lyme Disease (I didn't tell her that part either).

Turned out to be a "harmless" tick - no such thing when it's attached to your baby's head! The good news is that it was not the kind that causes Lyme disease. The doctor said it probably fell out of a tree or something.

I still get the creeps just thinking about it - and Ashley didn't sleep much last night! I think I'm going to wear a hat when I garden from now on - there are lots of trees around my yard - who knows what could be falling out of them?

* Posted by: Betula 7MD (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:52

I had to giggle reading this thread. Here's my list

Unwittingly picking up slimy slug - disgusting
Tent caterpilars crawling everywhere- hateful
Poking at a tent and having them rain down on your face - loathsome
Finding mass of yellow goop on bag of mulch - nauseating
Clearing hair out of face and finding spider parked on your glasses - almost having coronary

* Posted by: Artchik z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 16:52

ooooooooooh Chelone, the "flopper" imagery gave me shudders!

I forgot about our birdbath that the resident hawk uses to store his half-eaten mammal...he leaves it there to "save it for later". Once I saw something red in the birdbath and was almost blinded in horror by what I found. I won't elaborate, in case Veronicastrum is still eating while reading this.

* Posted by: CindyBelleZ6NJ z6NJ (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 17:27

Rats. They are NOT in my garden, but when I lived in San Franciso, in Pacific Heights no less, a neighbor redid their roof. Apparently in all cities there are roof rats. It crawled down the fireplace flue and ran thru my apt. I was a MESS. I did, however, finally get the damper the landlord had promised forever. Rats just creep me out no end.

* Posted by: saucydog z5MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 18:03

debgrow, was that your first experience with a tick? I hate to tell you this, but they perch on anything waiting to hitch a ride on a warm body.

They're not so bad if you familiarize yourself with them and what to do. If you are ever unsure of the type of tick that carries Lyme Disease, save the tick in an airtight jar for later observation by a doctor. They can test the tick for Lyme.

I grew up with ticks, no big deal to me....but leeches, now that's another thing! Never sit on a spillway with shorts on while you fish. The backs of my thighs were covered with little blood suckers. Gross.

Saucy (who hates floppers, too)

* Posted by: Leslies z5 NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 18:15

debgrow - Lyme may be new in your area, and doctors may not know about all its menacing variations, but take it from someone who has been dodging it for ten years - almost every kind of tick is known now to carry Lyme Disease. Maybe not in every part of the country, but you are not safe from Lyme just because it was a wood tick. Many types of ticks now also carry something called erlichiosis that can also make you very sick.

Used to be only tiny little deer ticks carried this stuff, but it has recently (last year) been discovered that ordinary wood and dog ticks carry it, too.

* Posted by: bytegirl z7 LI,NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 18:23

ticks, leeches, and daddy long-legs....I can remember my grandmother checking our heads every night before bed for ticks...tweezers and matches handy..(she would burn them...they go pop). But when you spend every waking moment in the woods as a kid, you are going to attract ticks!

Ever come up on a nest/swarm of daddy long-legs?...We once had about 100 in a corner of the porch....crawling all over each other...(you probably heard me scream...just didn't realize what it was at the time!)

Course my Grandmother's favorite heebie-jeebie story involves my cousin and I forgetting about the 2 Praying Mantis Egg Sacs in her guest bedroom one summer! I just wish I could have been there when she opened the door to find approximately 300 or so baby praying mantis on EVERYTHING!! (You probably heard that scream also...circa July 1970)..She never let us forget that one..:-)

* Posted by: valeriegail Z5 N.S. (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 19:07

I probably have the whitest legs in gardening. I hate the feel of plants brushing up against my legs and grass, well it may as well be bugs cause I can't handle the feel of it. I never wear shorts in the garden and that is usually what I end up doing when I'm outside. Queer little quirk I have no idea where it came from. I love to feel grass and plants with my hands.

* Posted by: Posy_Pet z6Mo. (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 19:10

What a FUN thread!I have to share too-centipedes and millipedes, poison ivy, leeches yes and we have lots of ticks and I am allergic to their bite but if I put some bleach on the place where they bit me, it doesn't get infected. Wasps too because I swell up from their stings.

* Posted by: Betula 7MD (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 19:29

I forgot to mention cutworms. Filthy creatures. Just the thought makes me want to hurl

* Posted by: Andrea_in_KS z5 KS (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 19:29

Spiders (although more inside than out -- since brown recluses aren't generally in my garden but are sometimes in my closet or bedroom). Ditto the walking into the web and wondering where the inhabitant now is.

Ditto the slugs, especially to step on one.

No snakes around here but they'd do it to me, too, if there were any.

Don't enjoy getting up close and personal with any type of creeper or crawler, although I let most of them live if they are good ones and step on them if they are bad ones. With shoes on.

What creeps my S.O. out is any plant with foliage that's a color other than green. He calls them aliens. He especially hates caladiums, begonias with fleshy reddish foliage, wandering jew (the purple kind), and coleus. I don't know where that comes from, exactly. He must have bad childhood memories of plants with purple foliage.

* Posted by: Storygardener 5/6 central oh (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 20:24

I get the creeps when I come to the unexpected dead mouse, mole or vole that the cats leave as "gifts" for me. It grosses me out! (but, I am glad to get rid of them!

* Posted by: jkom51 Z9 CA/Sunset 17 (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 20:41

This thread deserves to be held until October 31, 2003! Definitely Halloween-ish...

Anyway, class me with the folks that don't like spiders, wasps, and roof rats. Small arachnids don't bother me, but I don't like black widows -- creepy.

Wasps are so nasty tempered compared to bees. Love the latter, stay away from the former. I put out yellow jacket traps in the spring every year, now.

Roof rats -- compared to the city brown rat, they're actually kinda cute. But they still have that long rat tail, and they get BIG. Our first look at the property we are now living in, we looked in the weed-infested backyard -- it was so overgrown you literally couldn't walk back there, nor could you see the back fence only 50' away.

A huge roof rat -- literally, this thing looked three feet long from tip to tail! -- casually strolled down a length of ivy vine like it was the coastal freeway, descending down from an old walnut tree and disappearing into the ivy.

Needless to say, the garden got cleared out by day laborers. The roof rats are still there -- you can't eliminate them entirely when your neighbor's backyard is full of ivy -- but we have successfully discouraged them from living in our shed and house, thank goodness.

* Posted by: waywyrd z8 SC (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 21:28

I can't stand those huge black and orange centipedes. I accidentally picked one up the other day and freaked those nasty white translucent grubs make my stomach turn when I dig one up. BLEAH!

This thread is hilarious by the way! :D

* Posted by: Eric_OH 6a (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 22:16

I don't mind snakes.

What gives me a bit of a turn is when I've spent a half hour some fine summer night fishing algae and leaves out of an above-ground water feature, finally sufficiently aggravating the 6-foot snake that's been lurking in there to snatch goldfish, and seeing it rear out of the water and head for parts unknown.

Big snake. Sudden appearance in the dark. Bad.

* Posted by: alyrics 5B NE OH (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 22:51

azalea galls. - this wet wet spring caused the virus to go out of control on 6 of my azaleas - they were covered with horrid pale green, and ripe white and gray giant galls growing off the leaves and buds - just disgusting looking. ditto and Japanese beetle grubs - worse than slugs, I think its the gross color

* Posted by: Taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 22:54

Maggots! You know, barbeque remains and dog doo go into the trash on Sunday night, then it's 30C/80F and humid all week long. Then Thursday evening before garbage pickup Friday morning you go to add another bag and it's alive with disgusting white wriggling things!!! This is when you drop all, run screaming for the house and yell at DH to get them trash can's outta here fast! Uggghhh!!!!

* Posted by: grrlsmom z5 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 0:48

Remains of critters are creepy, but the worst, worst, worst thing is the remains of Lamb's Ear. It looks like a decomposed 'something' and even tho' I KNOW it's there, I still recoil when I see those old leaves. Here's my secret - I will not touch them! Oh, I know they won't hurt me, but EWWWWWW!

* Posted by: Chelone z6 so. Maine (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 5:04

Taryn, the ninja kitties routinely bring home the kills and park them in the "bower of death" (behind the big Krossa Regal next to the front door). I routinely clear out the corpses (that where I put my hand down on one the other day, very squishy). And often, by the time I get to the chore the flies have begun working on the next generation. I'm with you, scooping up the bag o' maggots that was once a vole, chipmunk, or some other relatively "cute" furry mammal is cause for a shudder.

Eric, your large water snake reminds me of the similarly large black snake that lived under the barn and used to sun him/herself on the large granite threshold. I gave it a wide berth, myself... but no rats or mice in the grain bins or the hay mow! When it appeared in late March, I knew spring wouldn't be far behind. You get used to them.

* Posted by: Andy_Japan z9 (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 7:05

What a hoot!

Yup, spider webs in your hair, slugs on the rim of pots, bugs that go crunch before they go squish, "Japanese" (lol) beetle grubs--e

Well, I'm going to see your bugs and spiders and slugs and raise you a longhorn beetle.

If you think this guy is cute, then maybe you'd "shell" out up to 400 bucks for the pleasure of raising him. City folks!!

So why is this girl smiling?

There's always origami if you can't raise one...

* Posted by: sans z5/4 MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 8:33

You guys have me itching all over!

Ticks are my bogie man. We bought a house with a wooded area so I could do some serious woodland gardening - after tons of ticks and poison ivy, I can't even make my self walk into the woods!

* Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 9:19

Ooooh - I have the dead animal story to top all dead animal stories!! We have a three season porch and every year skunks decide to dig under the lattice and make a nice cozy burrow next to the foundation of the house. Every year we route them out and DH digs and puts in hardware cloth so they can't get back in. Last year we decked the area around the porch and DH made sure he dug down over a foot and put in the hardware cloth so the problem would be over with once and for all. Well, he either missed a spot, or a skunk was hibernating under there and we didn't know about it, so it got trapped and couldn't get out. I have to say I do feel terrible at the thought of the poor thing starving to death in there unable to get out. Anyway, we still kept smelling skunk and he kept checking the perimeter but couldn't see any holes dug. He finally got down on his hands and knees with a flashlight and checked everywhere he could see. He spotted what he thought was an old gray T-shirt on the ground, pulled up a couple floor boards on the deck, and there was a skunk corpse!! He got something to hook it out with and tons of maggots "boiled" out of the corpse. He said he almost lost his lunch right then and there! Thank god I was in work at the time! The kids still tell the story!

The only other one I have that may be better, is the guy in the townhouse across the street put in a little water feature right by his front door. The day he finished it, that night a skunk drowned in it (they're not too bright I guess - the water feature was about 8 inches deep!) He had an old 5 gallon plastic bucket, so my DH fished the corpse out for him and they put it in the bucket. Well it sat there in the mid-summer heat all week. On trash day, it was picked up and thrown in the truck - then they compacted what was in there, the bucket burst, and OMG the stench!! DH said up and down the whole street you could hear people slamming their windows shut as the odor spread!! Those trash guys must have wanted to kill that guy!! The had to go empty the truck before they could continue.

Only thing worse than a skunk is a dead, rotting skunk lol!!

* Posted by: Chris_ont 4-5 Ont (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 9:56

Well, Lisa, thank you very much for that tasty tale. I've had to set my breakfast muffin aside for later. Much.

This thread is hilarious. Betula's comment about finding "a spider parked on your glasses" had me absolutely howling with laughter. For some reason I imagine the spider as surprised-looking as the person wearing the glasses.

Hilarity aside, the absolutely ickiest garden 'find' is the one left behind by the neighbor's dog or cat. Everything else, after all, is in my garden because I caused it to be there, in some way or another.

* Posted by: EarlyBird_8 z8a/b SW Ga (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 11:20

Does a garden center count? A couple of weeks ago I was in Lowes at the fertilizer section when 2 huge rats, not mice, ran across the aisle. They freaked me out more than anything living I've seen recently. I'll never feel safe in Lowes again.

* Posted by: back40jen 5MI (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 11:31

Snakes always scare the heck out of me-in the abstract, they are fine, eat lots of rodents and bugs, but when I see one, yikes. I am hoping I'll get used to them, although I have seen far fewer of them around my house in the last couple of years. Rose chafers and tomato worms are the only bugs that really creep me out.

* Posted by: Wild4Gardens 6 PA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 13:37

Why did I click on this during lunch? I put it to the side because I can't stop reading this thread!!

Anything my cats leave me that I discover while on my hands/knees in the garden. It's usually nice and decomposed.. the SMELL and movements of maggots is nauseating. Of course, I let my hubby clean up these gifts.

For you fellow ponders, last summer our pump clogged up. My husband crawled in & pulled it out for closer examination. Stuck in the holes were 2 dragonfly larvae .. alive and wriggling hopelessly... has anyone ever seen these things.. BY FAR the grossest most disgusting looking things EVER EVER EVER. Of course my stong and fearless husband couldn't touch them and left me to 'pulling' them out of the holes. Even with gloves on I could feel their wriggling bodies.. only 1 of them came out in one piece. EW!

Another great husband story.. because he couldn't see back there, he asked me to look at his rumpuss. He said his undies were rubbing it and it smarted to sit.. he felt a bump there for a few days & he thought it was a blemish. Upon closer examination by his loving wife, it turned out to be a big TICK.. embedded nicely, deep into his skin and engorged after enjoying its meal for the past few days. I could hardly get him to stop jumping around so I could dig it out!!!!!! Then I couldn't stop laughing at the sight of his naked hinner stuck in the air and a grown man nearly in tears screaming 'Get it out, get it out'!!!!!

Funny thing is, the cats have been around since before the old man (he's a dog person) and the poor guy doesn't even like gardening.. tolerates my obsession because he loves me! A few more of these experiences and he might be moving the family into an apartment. and one that doesn't accept pets! ha ha! Oh my, what we do for love!

* Posted by: HoovB z9 Southern CA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 14:56

Removing dead gophers from gopher traps. Not fun.

* Posted by: Ramona_NY z5NY (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:11

ooo, these stories all remind me of a few:
I used to live in a tick-infested area of NJ. We used to keep a bottle on the windowsill by each door, containing a little alcohol to drown the ticks. Walk in, pick off the ticks, move on.... Well, one day my ex-husband was drinking a beer while washing the dishes at the kitchen sink, right next to the door, where the current tick-bottle just happened to be a beer bottle.... need I finish that story?
I got used to ticks.
I used to think that garter snakes bothered me, until I was in my blueberry garden one day when the grass hadn't been mowed in a while. Yikes! all of a sudden a 3' long water snake lifted it's head and snarled at me. I had a shovel in my hand and actually had to use it to defend myself. The shovel eventually became my weapon when I realized there were offspring of this snake in my pond... I had to sneak up and decapitate them with the shovel...
I got used to snakes.
And those slimy slugs... I hate them too... but I gave my kids each a salt shaker and had them do the evening chore of salting the garden slugs, and they didn't mind.
I have a few spider stories too that come to mind, but I need to get back to work...

* Posted by: Meadow_Lark 7 (NE Alabama) (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:23

SPIDERS! Holy Moly! We are talking "total inability to cope"...

I faint dead away!

Last summer, I was outside watering... looked down, and there on my shirt was the MOTHER OF ALL SPIDERS...

Next thing I know, I wake up... lying in a huge puddle of cold water (I had been using my thumb over the end of the hose...)

Suddenly, I realized WHY I was on the ground. I look down at my shirt in sheer terror and... NO SPIDER.

THAT is when I really LOST IT! Off comes the shirt... Off comes the pants... all the while, I'm SCREAMING my lungs out, and trying to run for the house.

Never did find out where the thing went to... but while typing this... I feel a little "woozy"...

Meadow Lark

* Posted by: Luvmybulbs Z6 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:26

Funny, we just came across a rather funky snake Sunday. It was black and red (checkboard) looking back. I have been unable to find what kind it is on the web and SO let it get away. I would have chased it on the lawn mower.

* Posted by: Been_IL z5 (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:27

Spiders and other bugs don't really bug me unless they are in the house, then I get the heebie-jeebies because I have to kill them or relocate. I just found a gartner snakes hole in my garden and was excited because I thought they were good at getting rid of garden pest.
When I'm working in my garden sometimes my attention will turn to the ground that's moving and I suddenly notice I've been working alongside a billion ants- or they're working on my legs- now that gives me the heebie-jeebies and usually I find another spot in the garden to turn my attention to.

* Posted by: Wendy_the_Pooh USDA 2003 z5/6 (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:32

Grubs, big spiders. One REALLY big spider went skittering out from a half-barrel recently, and I just about went bongo. Swallowing gnats (bleah!). Having chunks of soil fly into my mouth. Yes, I got a wee bit too enthusiastic about weeding recently. B.T.W., don't get any ideas ;-).

* Posted by: Wild4Gardens 6 PA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 15:33

OK, another story came to mind.. I keep my garden sneakers on the deck outside the back door.. put on my sneakers one day and feel a wiggle .. pull off my sneaker & throw it on the deck.. out falls the mother of all spiders.. large, hairy garden spider. Since that day I ALWAYS check my shoes and garden gloves before putting them on!

* Posted by: ernie50 z7bGA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 16:07

Giant tomato horn worms-big as your thumb.I usually just put them in the bird feeder.Way too messy to kill.

* Posted by: Betula 7MD (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 16:13

I almost split my side laughing reading Lisa's story about the skunk and Wild4gardens story about the tick and her husband

* Posted by: Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 16:37

I hope Meadow Lark hasn't passed out at the computer!

A couple of years ago I discovered the phrase that sends a teenage son running out of the room in terror, "There's a bee in my bra!"

I had been weeding near the monarda (or should I say bee balm?) when I started to hear buzzing sounds nearby. I decided to try and get the last two weeds before clearing out of the area - oops, too ambitious. I got stung on the forearm. I let out a yelp, dropped my things and ran into the house to get ice on my arm. I sat down on the couch to catch my breath and felt a little tickling in the old cleavage area. I tried to convince myself it was a trickle of sweat, but it moved a bit too much for sweat.

I finally got up the courage to look down my shirt, and there was a big old bee crawling around! How he got there I'll never know. I bent forward and trapped him inside the bra, but of course the bra was still on me! This was the point when my son walked in - and walked out just as quickly. He sent his sister in to help. Amazingly, we got the bra off and the bee out the door without further incident.

And when I sat down and REALLY caught my breath, I discovered that the sting on my forearm was really three. Enough to make a rational person put round up on the monarda!

* Posted by: debgrow Z5 Chicago (My Page) on Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 19:06

OK, just thought of two more. I can top the spider in the shoe story - slipped on a pair one day and felt something a little wet - not only had there been a big icky spider in my shoe, but I smashed him with my bare foot! I always shake out my shoes before I put them on, to be sure!

A garden friend of mine showed me that if you're wearing gloves while you garden, and you find a grub (and I find lots of them) you can just squish it between your thumb and forefinger and keep going. I thought it sounded disgusting, but it was much better than what I used to do - toss them over my shoulder into DH's lawn, where, I fully admit, they could someday make their way back to the garden, not to mention what they'd do to the grass.

Well, I started liking the idea of squishing them - sort of vindication for what they'd do to my flowers later if I didn't get them first. I just had to show my husband what I'd learned, so I called him over and held one up and did my thing, and it squirted all over his face! Better his than mine! And we're still married! He must love me a lot!

* Posted by: SAM1979 z5MA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 7:32

What a fun thread! Crickets oh my God crickets and grass hoppers can make me just go bezerk! My children have to remove them if they get into the house. I'll just leave, literally, until they are gone! If I move a rock and there's cricket under it that's it for the day in the garden.

I'm not to fond of spiders either but can usually handle them. I have a children?s story about them!
My oldest was about 12 at the time wanted to have slumber party, which is a misnomer they don't slumber!
So we said she could have one on our screen porch. They hung up old drapes for privacy, Christmas lights for atmosphere and settled in eating and laughing when suddenly we heard blood curdling screams! They had turned on the main light and happened to look up, in the four corners were spiders that could carry away small children!

DH comes bravely out, oh you're just being "girls" he looked up and said*&%$#@ I'm not touching them get the vacuum cleaner, so we sucked them up and then left the vacuum in the driveway all night!

I hate mice and had a confrontation with a vole recently in my yard, I was walking out past the pool and something scurried by, it was as big as my fist! I thought it was a huge mouse at the time but was later corrected that it was a vole.

Anyway I threw water at it figuring it would run into my neighbors yard, it just ran closer to the side of the pool looking at me. so I got a little closer and threw water again and it actually stood up on it's hind legs and bared it's teeth at me. I backed off quickly! I figure if it had the nerve to rear up at me it might just follow through on it's threat! I went inside!

I have learned to throw grubs out of my garden now without hurling! I found one day that as I was tossing them into the driveway a mocking bird was watching and helping itself to a snack every time I tossed one there. When I stopped gardening it actually sqauwked at hey I'm still hungry!

* Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 9:14

Sorry I ruined your muffin for you Chris!! (hee hee hee hee hee!)

Considering we live in the "city" we've had quite the animal adventures over the years that we've lived here. The two aforementioned skunk episodes. Another one years before where my DH and his macho friend were routing yet another skunk out from under the porch, his friend with BB gun in hand ready to dispatch the creature, only to have them running around screaming like women when it finally came out and went after them! The time both a skunk AND a racoon were under there and fought it out for the burrow - needless to say the racoon made a hasty retreat!! Another time a possum got on our back porch but couldn't get back out so we had to make a blockade with the furniture and lead him gradually to the door while he hissed and snarled at us the whole time. And finally, we had a rabid racoon on the front porch and had to call animal control - that was not funny in the least!

The best story I have by far is the time a bat got in the house. My DH put in the air conditioners, but neglected to tuck that foam stuff in-between the top and bottom windows to plug the gap on one window. The kids were small and in bed for the night and the two of us were in the living room watching tv. I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye, but thought it was the light from the tv reflecting off the french doors leading to the dining room. Well all of a sudden something swooped into the living room and started circling the ceiling. For a second I thought Pigeon! But this thing did NOT move like a pigeon. You never saw two people hit the floor so fast in your life! We scurried across the living room and into the dining room on our butts so fast! In the couple seconds we took to recover the darn thing swooped into the dining room and disappeared. We searched each room one by one and shut the doors until we finally made it upstairs and wouldn't you know the darn thing was in my son's room flying around. We got him out of the room out of a sound sleep, the poor kid - he didn't know what was going on. We got the kids' butterfly nets and put a laundry basket over our heads and went in after it. It kept landing on the curtains and hanging there by its feet the way bats do, but it would swoop up and fly around every time we got close. And boy those things can turn on a dime! We'd scream and run for the door, collide and bounce off each other as we tried to get thru the door and slam it shut behind us, then wait a minute and try again. We were laughing so hard we could hardly compose ourselves. Well after about 20 minutes or so of this we decided we were hopeless and had to call the police! I don't know what I was thinking of - I guess that like animal control, they'd come and catch it and let it go outside or something. Well the cop shows up and we bring him up to the room and there the bugger is crawling up one of the bed posts. Well he takes out his telescoping night stick and bops the thing off the head. It falls to the floor flopping around - I was horrified!!! I got him a bag and he took it away with him. Then I was so racked with guilt about the poor thing! I suppose all we had to do was open the stupid window and it would have left on its own, but we had worked ourselves into such hysteria over the stupid thing, we didn't think! I should add that we had enjoyed a couple of beers once the kids went to bed and that added to our lack of good sense!!

* Posted by: canoekid 4qc (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 9:31

gettin the willies reading all this stuff...

I remember as a kid pickin wild raspberries alongside my mum's garden, when my cupped hand was overflowing with berries I'd pop them in my mouth, yum, until of course a grasshopper was included into the melange, squishy and crunchy at the same time YUK!

Insects usually don't bother me, except when they are on ME (or in my mouth!!!), or just plain squishy ugly, cicada larvae for instance. Last summer while weeding in the late evening, my hair in a ponytail, loose hair strands everwhere tickling my face, thinking the tickle behind my ear was my hair so I ignored it, until it didn't feel like a tickle anymore... more like a squirming earwig just behind the little hollow behind my ear. Remember Elaine on Seinfeld doing that funny awkward dance? lookin like a complete idiot.
Well, throw in a screamin banshee doing the Elaine dance, that was me!!

* Posted by: vivian_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 11:56

Between reading all these creepy crawly tales of terror in the garden and the "Mink really a fisher cat" thread in the New England forum...I don't think I'll be able to go out in my garden again with full battle gear and a flame thrower. Yikes!!!

* Posted by: MeMyselfAndI 5/6 central OH (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 13:29

So many of these stories had me really cracking up!!! Bees in the bra! Ticks on the posterior! And so many others!! Hilarious!

Had to rip the window boxes off of my house when I discovered a HUGE spider living between them and the wall. So big you wouldn't consider hitting it with a shoe or magazine - that would only make it mad! Most spiders are welcome to do their thing OUTSIDE, but not MASSIVE hairy ones that stare back at you when you look at them. So big you can hear them when they move.

Not all bees freak me out because most of them could care less about you, but those yellow jackets really want to take you on! I start running, screaming like Jack the Ripper is grabbing me, and flailing my arms! If it follows me, I start doing football moves, darting from side to side, trying to get away from it. BTW, I've never been stung and have been using this method since age 2 they tell me.

Besides spiders, yellow jackets, mice, and rats, and poisonous snakes, I can't think of anything else (around here) that scares me just by being in close proximity to it.

Besides regular ol' worms, butterflies, fireflies, and daddy longlegs, and ladybugs, anything that is actually on me or my clothing freaks me out. And the imported ladybugs that BITE are ruining that whole ok-for-ladybugs-to-touch-me thing!

* Posted by: twizzler z6 CT (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 13:49


* Posted by: david_5311 Z 5b/6a SE Mich (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 14:01

This IS a riot. ROOF RATS??? Maggots? In gardens?? Maybe I am glad I live in Michigan. I am not sure there is anything that really gives me the creeps, except a mouse maybe. Don't like the surprise. But with 3' roof rats out there, I'll take my little deer mice.

Anybody else out there HAND PICK slugs off of plants? And squish them on the sidewalk? I do. Kind of gives me the creeps, but then it's me versus them, so I feel a little 'victorious'. Same deal with Japanese beetles. I hand pick them on cool summer mornings and squish them on my sidewalk. Maybe I am giving all of you the creeps....

Wasps/yellow jackets probably come the closest to giving me the creeps. We have a wood frame house not to mention the garden filled with flowering plants, and these stingers are everywhere. They love to make nests UNDER the chairs and tables on our deck. I can't tell you the number of times I have gone to pick up a table or chair and gotten stung, at least 6 times last summer. I was deadheading rhododendrons 2 days ago and got stung by a bee lurking in a half dead flower. Actually my worst experience was digging in my garden and hitting a nest of some type of ground yellow jacket- they were all over me instantly and I got 8 stings.

Nothing to fool around with -- I had a friend in college who was killed by a bee sting, while brushing his teeth at a summer camp where he was working. I probably should go get desensitized, though I have never had a reaction. But it can still happen.

* Posted by: Tracey_NJ6 (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 14:09

Earwigs! I can tolerate just about any bug except these guys. Their numbers have grown over the last 3 years, and last year was the worst! My DH built a big outdoor toybox, and sure enough, one day I opened it, and there was an earwig rally being held. At least a hundred, on the inside cover and around the cushioned molding. I slammed down the cover, ran into the house, cursed out DH, and started crying. I was never so grossed out in my life. So far, so good, this year, until last night. Heavy rain at midnight, remembered an open window and my DD's motorized VW Beetle in the yard. I ran out to get it, brought it into my florida room. Opened the battery case, and there it was, my first earwig of the season. I'm soooooooooo depressed...

* Posted by: bethbriggs 7 WNC (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 14:11

I don't like the way the flowers on lamb's ears look...creepy and weird, though my husband thinks their lovely.

I also don't like bug larvae of any kind...hate when I unearth those weird wiggly white things.

I must confess that I find the compost pile generally creepy what it does to my garden and soil, but don't care for all the funky smells, slimy gunk, and bugs.

* Posted by: dtpforu 7 NC (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 14:16


* Posted by: FlowrPowr 5 (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 14:41

Spiders definitely. Especially the kind that size you up, ready to pounce. The other thing is something I like to call Dog Barf mold. I don't know what it really is, but it looks like yellow, foamy dog puke. Yuk!

* Posted by: NancyD 5/6 Roch., NY (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 15:00

Spiders definitely creep me out when it seems as though they're watching you. I've stepped on bees in the past with my bare fee. Not so much the heebie-jeebies, but the yowy wowies!

* Posted by: chase 6 (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 15:28

Opening up the door of my garden shed gives me the Heebie-Jeebies! It's a hand made shed with lots of openings that allow "creatures" to get inside. Every time I open it I worry that somebody will be in there. My worry is based on experience , over the years I have had mice, chipmunks, birds and once there was a RAT!!!!!!!! Might have had something to do with the fact I used to store my birdseed there. Not anymore!

Now that I don't store any seeds in there it's usually only an issue first thing in the spring but even so, every time I open the doors I shudder.

* Posted by: Wendy_the_Pooh USDA 2003 z5/6 (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 15:55

LOL, FlowrPowr! Dog Barf mold. I've seen it, too.

* Posted by: frogribbit z5 KS-midwest (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 17:11

Good posts! The hair on the back of my neck is standing up! June bug beetles - they are related to Japanese beetles but come out at night and it doesn't matter where you are they find you! They have little clingy legs that just stick to your clothes - aargh! I also hate squash bugs and blister beetles - nasty, nasty creatures.

* Posted by: rhine59 5 WI (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 17:35

A number of years ago I came across a stinkhorn fungus growing in our wood mulch. If I remember right it was called a rubra and the thing looked like an alien. It had tentacles and black slime on the top of it and smelled horrible. The first time I saw it I jumped back about 10 feet and started looking for the mother ship as I was sure the aliens had landed and I had just discovered a pod of some sort! It truly did look like something from the old Lost In Space television show. That one gave me the heebie-jeebies for quite a while!

* Posted by: ralf58 z5 IL (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 18:53

Centipedes, milipedes, earwigs. I shudder when I see any of them.

But even "okay" insects can freak me under the right circumstances. Last year I was weeding my rose bed and this tiny clump of soil flew up and stuck to my right cheek. I was busy so I just ignored it. I mean, you get dirty gardening, right? And as dirty as my hands were, wiping off my face would not have accomplished much. It turns out that it wasn't a clump of soil. It was a mosquito that clung to my face and just feasted for about two or three minutes. Thank God it was before all the West Nile virus publicity or I'd have been hysterical. Even now, thinking about that bloodsucker hanging on my face gives me the creeps.

* Posted by: ernie50 z7bGA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 19:23

Once when I was a teenager (many moons ago) I ran over a nest of yellow jackets with a pushmower. Land speed record to the house, being stung in the a$$ all the way. Up 2 flights of stairs slamming doors all the way. Finally reached an upstairs bathroom & 3 had made it in with me. They didn't last long. My speed that day has only been exceeded once. Saw my 1 year old son (in only a diaper) standing in a giant fire ant mound way in the back of the yard. Feet never touched the ground. He only had 3 bites.

* Posted by: guppy 5b NS CAN (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 21:44

JUNE BUGS!!! I can't go out after dark during June Bug season. Just hearing them buzzing on the window screens or pinging against the glass makes my stomach turn!!

* Posted by: saucydog z5MA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 22:04

Oh, you guys brought to mind one of the worst things that ever happened to me as a first time gardener:

New house.

Newly planted beds.

I bought way to many bags of mulch, so I stored it in my shed.

Come next spring, I decided that I should use my mulch. I got out the bags and the shovel. I took the shovel and pulled it up in the air and plunged it into the middle of the plastic bag so that I could split it open. I split it, all right....a gazillion tiny mice scattered! I'm talking at least 50 little pink mice - they were so young that they still had that pinkish hue to them! Not one mouse suffered - it was a mouse miracle.

The kids enjoyed, I did not. The way they scattered just freaked me out - they'd been in total darkness and suddenly exposed to light - boy did they scatter!

I now get my mulch by the truckload.

* Posted by: idabean (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 22:04

I think its the element of surprise that's so terrifying. I don't like earwigs at all, but I just hate them most when you've pick a luscious ripe tomato on a late summer evening, and bring it inside(you can taste it already) and there's a hole on the other side with earwigs crawling out. Not nice.

I get terrible poison ivy. I need to go to the doc for prescriptions....I see it and am terrified. I used to be non-reactive but maybe my problem started years ago....we were in the country--at a rural firehouse, in fact, asking directions and I sneaked off into the field to pee. As I was squatting I saw in front of me the orb of a garden spider with its creator. Mind you, I used to be a naturalist, so I gazed in wonder. Then I got up and gazed down. I been squatting right in the poison ivy.

Then I had to go ask the firefighters to use the bathroom so I could scrub off my butt, (not that I told them the reason.)

* Posted by: Artchik z5 IL (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 22:14

Oh Saucy, I will have nightmares forever over that story. I could feel my heart rate zoom as I read about those hairless, skittering pink things.

* Posted by: Marilou z4 IA (My Page) on Fri, Jun 20, 03 at 22:27

In a yard where I (thankfully!) no longer live that had snakes, one day I thought the kids had gotten a ball stuck about three feet off the ground in a neighbor's bush that was near our property line. On closer inspection I found a very large clump of writhing snakes in the middle of an orgy. (All I could think was they were making MORE snakes and had to be stopped!) Not knowing what else to do--and being thoroughly grossed out--I grabbed a shovel and was whacking the neighbor's bush when--you guessed it--the neighbor appeared and caught me with shovel raised and taking aim. Of course by now I had put a damper on the snake orgy and they were almost all gone. When I tried to explain this once-in-a-lifetime bizarre snake orgy ball hanging in mid-air, the look on my neighbor's face was priceless. And of course, the snakes never did it again for her to see with her own eyes.

* Posted by: Clematisintegrifolia z6 New Jersey (My Page) on Sat, Jun 21, 03 at 2:28

Comments (2)

  • Tamara
    7 years ago

    Some of your stories had my laughing so hard. I can't even read them all I am crying.

    Most bugs don't bother me. I can pick up giant snails and squish them in my bare hands, flick spiders away no problem, stomp on a nest of pill bugs. No worries.

    But earwigs. Brrrr.....horrible things. And the thought of one of them climbing into your ear at night. No sleep for me. Here in California where I am temporarily there are SO many of them. It might just be the one little thing that prevents me from moving here. I just looked at one of my new containers on the deck that has been getting chewed on at night. I was expecting to find slugs but instead there were about 30 earwigs in the daisies and they have eaten all the petals off the Brachycome. I might just have to get some sort of nasty poison to deal with them.

    And of course another hatred is ticks. The thought of their little head getting stuck inside you....and every one of my gardening friends from Connecticut has had lyme disease. On a field trip last year to the NJ Pine Barrens it had been such a mild winter that the ticks were out of control. I sat on the ground at one point where I thought I would be safe and looked down to my horror saw about 20 ticks just scurrying along the ground. I never jumped so high in my life!

    * Posted by: Chelone z6 so. Maine (My Page) on Sat, Jun 21, 03 at 8:28

    Ticks are pretty gross, but with (at the time) 3 dogs and 4 cats, I learned to "deal with" them, too. And both of us have had Lyme Disease (good info. on it in the New England gardening forum FAQ, by the way). It was the sickest I think I've ever been... I was just miserable.

    Yeah, David, I don't have a problem picking up creepy crawlies or slimy sliders, either. No big deal.

    Quick way to get rid of bats in the house you guys: Open all the windows in the room they're in, turn off all the lights, close the door. Put on an outside light and they'll navigate their way out in a matter of 20 minutes. They don't want to be in your home (where there's no food) anymore than you want them in there! Works slick, no need to kill them or cover your head, either. The only reason they buzz you is because they're actually determining how big and how close you are to them. It's a total fantasy that they'll get caught in your hair, they're designed to navigate in the dark with echolocation.

    * Posted by: Chris_ont 4-5 Ont (My Page) on Sat, Jun 21, 03 at 17:27

    Talk about heeby jeebies!
    I was peeling off another section of lawn today (it's an obsession, I know), when a big chunk of sod came away all at once. There was something long and pale and rubbery sticking out of it and my first thought was: RAT!!!!

    I flung the chunk of sod in the air in a complete fit of hysteria before my brain could even work out that a random rat tail wasn't likely to be buried under my sod.

    Turned out to be the long tap root of a dandelion that came away clean because the soil there is still so damp from the rains we had earlier this month. Duh.

    * Posted by: Beanmomma z6 PA (My Page) on Sat, Jun 21, 03 at 19:29

    Hysterical thread.

    I don't mind most insects and animals. Except.......

    Earwigs(they even smell horrible!)and cat droppings(well they smell horrible too)...Yeeech!

    * Posted by: Andy_Japan z9 (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 0:26

    What about getting the heebie-jeebies when nothing is there, except your imagination ;-)

    After summer begins, I often feel a bug crawling up my arm when it's just a n errant thread from my shirt sleeve. Or I see ants when it's just some tea that spilled out of the canister onto the kitchen counter.

    Ever slap yourself in the face just because it itched a little?

    This will go on for me until well after the first frost--I should be de-traumatized by Christmas ;-)

    * Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 9:09

    Andy - I've done the same thing! My DH has a cousin who has a log cabin up in Maine. She owns 80 acres on the Saco River in between Hiram and Denmark. Anyway, I'm most definitely a city girl. My first trip up there was in the dead of summer. Well we ended up staying around 5 days and by the time we left I was actually crying and seriously thought I would have a nervous breakdown. They have some mutant sized country bugs up there!!! Everywhere you sat, a bug crawled away just before your butt hit. Every time you went to put on your shoe, something crawled out of it first. And these things were huge!! We found one beetle - one of those ones with the huge pincher jaws - those jaws could easily have circled my thumb no problem, that's how big it was. Tarantula size spiders that moved like the wind. I'm shuddering just thinking about it again! The night we got home I had nightmares all night. I kept waking up in hysterics imagining bugs crawling over me. I have never gone back there in summer time since. I'll only go in fall after there's been a freeze and the bugs are dead!

    * Posted by: march z4 WI (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 9:42

    Is there a name of a phobia for dead things? My name and picture should be right next to it! When I was a kid, I would be barefoot 100% of the summer. One day I was walking my bike up a hill and was distracted by something going on at a house. Little did I know that I was walking right onto a freshly runover squirrel! EWWWWWWW IICKKK squishy! My toes right now are curling and recoiling from that traumatic experience! That was over thirty years ago and I still cannot go near anything dead or pieces of animal parts. Hubbie does all of the grocery meat shopping and I must wear a baggie over my hands and use forks to even get raw meat onto the grill. My garden does not get touched if I discover a dead sparrow or baby bird carcass in it. Once again, I must get hubbie to get the shovel. Give me live spiders, snakes, earwigs, slugs! Just don't let me see their cadavers!

    * Posted by: dian_OR z8 OR (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 9:45

    This thread is hilarious!
    With me it's spiders in the house, I'll deal with them if they're anywhere but on the ceiling. If one's on the ceiling, I get my husband to deal with it. I just know I'll miss and it'll fall right on my face. My mom could hardly ever kill spiders, she'd always do the drinking glass and paper thing and take them outdoors, I just knew they were going to come back. I'll never forget the time a nest of them hatched in the house and hundreds of the little spider babies coming down with their parachutes and her frantically running around with the mop trying to get them all smushed.

    Another is those long legged things that come in and just fly around near the lights, those get the adrenaline pumping.

    One time we had a cricket in our closet. Every night we'd hear it but couldn't find it. My husband finally got sick of it and buck naked went into the closet with a flashlight to try to get it. Him sitting in there with the door closed, in the dark, occasional chirps, a flash of light, the great white hunter. I don't even remember if he got it or it finally moved on. I still chuckle when I think of that.

    * Posted by: Marilou z4 IA (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 13:56

    I take your stories out into the yard with me and think of them while I'm working. Most of the time this is good, but some of the time this is not so good.

    Good: laughing to myself about all the funny stories here! Not so good: wondering what unseen creepy crawly thing I might inadvertently grab/step on/squish next, something I'd never given thought to until reading this thread! :oD

    * Posted by: andreap 7b NC (My Page) on Sun, Jun 22, 03 at 14:32

    Ever since I had to wrestle with a wolf spider in my home out in the sticks in central PA many years ago, I have never been too afraid of other insects, except, of course, large cockroachy--water beetle types in the house (thank god for the drought last year). Earwigs are really disgusting, but I've found they love to drown in the same beer I put out for the slugs, which I don't mind doing in completely with a sharp stick if I must, whenever I can--better them than my plants!
    But to get back to the original post and plants that creep you out, I have huge areas of poison ivy and tree seedlings, some of them a couple feet tall, growing among some azaleas, and just cannot muster up the bravery to deal with all of it. Ah, the blessings of a wet spring season!

    * Posted by: akared z5 ID (My Page) on Mon, Jun 23, 03 at 20:52

    Okay, have to add mine. I hate spiders! Completely, totally ugggghh. I get the creepy crawlies going past my junipers in the front of the house that have collected spider webs all over them. Its awful to try and weed under them just imagining them in the hair and e My husband thinks I'm a weenie because I make sure he flushes the toilet after he kills a spider and places it there. I mean what if it wasn't really dead and it was really fast???????

    * Posted by: babsclare z5OH (My Page) on Mon, Jun 23, 03 at 22:18

    Ok that's IT. Stepping on the freshly dead squirrel is just the worst-I'm almost in tears thinking of the sensation- YUCK. What is almost as bad is the SMELL of a deceased squirrel(or fill in any rodent)that is getting a little overripe if you know what I mean-I am grossing myself out!

    Andy I freak myself out over a single hair(don't ask me why they are falling out..)that tickles my arm and you keep slapping until you finally realize it just a hair-a slight case of paranoia I presume.

    * Posted by: dan_southernPA z6aPA (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 11:50

    It takes a lot to gross me out, but --- slugs. Period. And what they can do overnight to a plant. But my revulsion quickly turns to sweet ghoulish revenge by a few deft applications of the salt shaker, or by seeing their piled up corpses the morning after I've sprinkled slug bait around.

    * Posted by: dan_southernPA z6aPA (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 12:04

    Another one: while snakes do not frighten me, the jump-out-of-your shoes factor is definitely in play when, in the course of puttering about, you are about to step on a six-foot (harmless) black snake that occasionally meanders through the yard. After the echoes of the explosive shriek have died down, the old boy just wanly looks up, figuratively shrugs, and keeps on slowly slithering. Last year he sidled up to my stretched-out garden hose as if to say: "Hey baby, how about you and me ..." (you can fill in the rest)

    *Posted by Wild4Gardens 6 PA (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 13:25

    Such fun I had to continue it! Why do I read this at lunch time everyday???

    I just have to say to MARCH that your entry had me laughing so hard that my coworkers were asking if I was OK! Maybe because I can relate.. when I was about 7 years old, I climbed a tree to look inside a birds nest.. only to find that the nest was abandoned & the babies had hatched and expired or had been raided and the babies half eaten. The sight was so horrible to me and 7 is an impressionable age, mind you... I couldn't eat mashed potatoes until I hit my 30's!!!? HA HA.. don't ask me why, but I just associated the texture and lumps with the vision in the nest!!! So, I completely understand and appreciate your phobia.. as silly as it may seem to some!!! :o )

    * Posted by: Chris_ont 4-5 Ont (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 14:59

    Last year around this time I kept a small plastic mesh basket on the back step into which I'd conveniently dump the kitchen waste, rather than make the trip to the composter after each meal. The mesh let the scraps dry out, there's no smell and wasn't that oh-so clever of me?

    Well, if you recall, last year around this time we had a major earwig infestation up here. When I lifted up this mesh basket at the end of the week, those bugs POURED out of the mesh bottom like water! Hundreds and hundreds of them. Onto my feet.

    The bucket went flying, bugs and scraps included and off I went running down the stairs. The neighbors still think I'm batty.

    * Posted by: slcdms 7 MS (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 16:25

    I guess I am the odd one out here. I don't like frogs. I am ok if I see it, but if it jumps on my foot I will have to have a strong nerve pill. I have to keep it a secret from the little ones in my life because they all want to bring me one when they find out I hate them. I read all the posts to see if anyone else had frogfobia, but saw no one else. I feel sooooooo lonely.

    * Posted by: Cindy50 z4-5 IL (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 17:00

    Earwigs...earwigs...earwigs...I absolutely can't stand them. I can hardly even stand to touch them with the bottom of my shoe to kill them. I've even had dreams (nightmare?) about them.

    I used to hate Japanese beetles, but since I started squishing them, it now gives me some kind of perverse pleasure.

    Isn't it funny how different people are. I just love frogs.

    * Posted by: grrlsmom z5 IL (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 17:00

    Sandra - I am with ya! Several years ago at a Girl Scout Leaders Camp weekend, a friend, as a joke, put a very small one in my jacket pocket. I found it immediately after dinner. I screamed "Get it out! Get it out", barfed, and hopped around like a woman possessed until someone thought to check my pockets. Then I got hiccups for an hour. My friends can laugh about it now, but I think it's gonna take a few more years for me. Mercifully, I can LOOK at them with no problem and it didn't bother me when my girls brought them to me - just as long as I didn't have to touch them.

    * Posted by: slcdms 7 MS (My Page) on Tue, Jun 24, 03 at 17:05

    Now I don't feel so lonely

    * Posted by: march z4 WI (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 9:39

    Well, I certainly can join in the laughs when I tell that story of the squishy squirrel, but the squeamish terrors still lurk inside me. My best buddy, Lois, has raised motherless squirrels in the past and lets them race around the house while they get stronger to be let go in her woods. Think of me going into her home with these things tooling around like low flying jets! And they are still alive! I am sooooo in need of rodent therapy! 8-(

    * Posted by: NancyD 5/6 Roch., NY (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 9:47

    For me it's poison ivy. At the sight of anything that slightly resembles it, out comes my weed killer and the poor thing doesn't have a chance. Frogs, rodents, insects don't normally bother me, (I like my little garden frog friend in the back year) but the sight of poison ivy makes my heart pound and my hands clammy. Oh, the agony!

    * Posted by: back40jen 5MI (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 11:40

    I can relate to your poison ivy phobia. A couple of years ago, I was taking my dog on a hike (yes, the same boxer who eats the soap) and when I didn't see her for a bit, called her, still didn't see her, so when I looked around, found her struggling on the bank of the river, barely holding on and looking terrified. I sprawled on the ground to get her out, and later discovered that I had been laying in a big patch of poison ivy. I had such an awful case of it. It was beyond blisters on my arms, just a constantly oozing mess. I finally went to a doctor. Even now, just the thought of poison ivy makes me shudder.

    * Posted by: LisaZone6_MA z6 MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 11:56

    I don't have any poison ivy thank goodness! A story about a friend of mine tho makes me shudder to think of it. He got married and bought a house in the burbs after having lived in the heart of the city all his life. Not knowing what he was doing, he waded out into the "weeds" on the back of his property with his brand new weed whacker dressed in shorts and a tank. Well the "weeds" turned out to be poison ivy and he was covered head to toe from everything flying around as he weed whacked. He hasn't done that again!

    * Posted by: TinaMcG Z5 Chicago (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 15:06

    White grubs!!

    I haven't eaten bay shrimp since I began gardening.

    * Posted by: vivian_MA z6MA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 16:59

    This didn't happen in my garden but it did come after a long hard day of working in the yard when I was relaxing in a hot tub with a few friends. The night was warm...the moon was full...the night sounds were music...I was in double dip heaven...when a kamikaze moth decided to fly straight into my ear and instead of backing out politely proceeded to burrow it's way down my ear canal. I started screaming like a banshee. Took a while for the friends to figure out what the heck was going on. The more they tried to pull it out with tweezers the more it headed the opposite way. It was a long 20 mile ride to the ER with the damn thing beating frantically deep inside my ear. It finally died or exhausted itself at some point while I was waiting to be seen. The last thing the doctor said to me was "Well I hope I got it all out."

    * Posted by: TinaMcG Z5 Chicago (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 18:38

    Oh Vivian....that makes me think of the most oogy episode of Night Gallery. Remember that show? It was the earwig episode with Lawrence Harvey, probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen on television.

    * Posted by: janetgia 5a IA (My Page) on Wed, Jun 25, 03 at 19:12

    Heebie-Jeebie Critters:
    Ticks Maggots Centipedes and...
    JUNE BUGS!!! Oh how I HATE June bugs!!

    The garter snakes always startle me, but they don't bother me.

    Heebie-Jeebie Plants:
    Poison Ivy Wild sumac (we call them "stinky trees" because the saplings STINK) Anything sticky

    Heebie-Jeebie Goo:
    Rotting animal carcasses Anything slimy

    * Posted by: chaos_quilt Ohio z5 (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 10:07

    Wow Tina...was just telling my DH about that episode when he asked about earwigs...that was a scary one! And the Twilight Zone episode where the spider in the bathroom keeps coming back a little larger every time it is flushed down the wonder people are afraid of the things!

    My #1 gross-out is grubs...they are disgustingly transparent, with those nasty pincher thingies out front...and they're blind, but will crawl away if you don't squish them, which I can NOT bring myself to do...can cut them in half with my spade if I can push them so far into the dirt that I can't see the actually death act. Slugs are a close number two, but that's what slug bait is for...death from a distance.

    I'm not afraid of either of those two creatures, but roaches of any kind make me do the floppy arm dance...e e e Why do people call them "cockroaches" if they are inside the house, but "wood-roaches" when they are they aren't quite as evil if they are outside???

    * Posted by: juspeachy z5NY (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 10:21

    I have to say "maggots" from when I was about 5 and found a "poor" dead chipmunk and touched it,it looked so pretty lying there, when I touched it the whole thing started moving and then those things started to pour out from under it, I had no idea what they were I thought they had killed the thing and that they were coming after me, it scared me so bad I went crying to my mom and she told me what they were, but over 40 years later I still hate them. UUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

    * Posted by: Beck_WI z5 WI (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 11:29

    OK guys and gals.... here goes.
    I'm always barefoot when I'm outside. Last week my neighbor wanted me to see her four o'clocks so I walked into her yard, and what did I step on? At first I wasn't sure what it was but it squished under my foot and did not feel good. I jumped back and said "what the hell is that?" I looked closer and it was a baby bird, it didn't even have feathers yet. e ee eeeee Luckily the poor thing was already dead or I would have felt VERY guilty.

    A friend of mine was building her house on a wooded lot, the crew left for the day and her father in law decided to stop by to check on them. Somehow he got something in his eye, so he went over to one of the water buckets they had laying around to splash his face, he leaned down, eyes closed and dipped his hands in.... upon the second trip into the bucket he felt something touch his hand. It was a squirrel who had drowned in the bucket.

    He was running to his truck as my friend and her dh were pulling in the driveway. He tried to tell them what happened, but all they could get out of him was muttering about buckets and showers. They found the bucket and laughed like loons.

    The father in law still says "it's not funny"

    * Posted by: deborah1175 Athens Georgia (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 11:34

    Chaos quilt, here in Georgia we have "pine bugs" aka "palmetto bugs". Yeah, right!! Giant roaches is what they are, about 4" long. There was one in the building where I work and someone made the statement, "Get a saddle and we can ride that thang." I don't especially care for most of the critters listed, but I will definitely leave the area for one of these prehistoric looking things. I remember my ex-husband raising up in bed one night and turning on the lamp. He yanked down the covers, and there on his hairy leg was one of the things. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night on the sofa. Yucko, yucko!!

    * Posted by: another_hosta_please 6 Coastal MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 11:58

    Well it's not really a heebie-jeebie, but it's funny garden pest story. We used to have big garden by the woods in the house I grew up in. My mom would always grow our own vegetables. As the the garden got older the timbers sunk in the ground rotted out. The woodchucks would make their way in and enjoy the smorgasboard. My mom would totally freak out. The dog would bark like crazy and woodchucks would happily dine in peace. One day my mom picked up a rock to throw at the woodchuck and scare it away. Totally by accident she beaned it on the head. You guessed it.....dead as a doornail. The neighbors called her "Rambo" for years!

    * Posted by: grrlsmom z5 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 12:27

    another hosta - loved that story! I had to laugh out loud! Vivian - I may never enjoy the patio at night again! My Mom was working in her veggie garden one hot, sweaty day and smacked and killed a horsefly that was chomping on her leg. That evening, the spot began to swell - and swell and swell some more. When we FINALLY convinced her to go the Dr. 2 days later, it was big, red, and oozing. Dr. lanced it and found the head of the fly driven into her leg. UGGGGH! She learned to shoo them away instead of flattening them. RE: the poison ivy - one of our neighbors back in Peoria had a beautiful bush, turned gorgeous colors in the Fall, just a perfect specimen of whatever. It had a tendency to get really shaggy really quick, so he spent a lot of time trimming and shaping it. He also kept going to the Dr. fighting a skin rash - couldn't seem to control it. You guessed it - some experienced gardener came by and informed him he was spending all his time shaping a poison oak/sumac/something bush! It WAS pretty!

    * Posted by: Tannatonk z3 MT (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 12:31

    This isn't really a "garden" heebie-jeebie but it does involve some YUKS! and EEKS!! The windshield washer fluid in my car would not squirt out and when I told DH he said "oh the line must be clogged or something... no problem". Anyway he proceeded to disconnect the line and blow in it. Still nothing. So he decides to siphon it with his mouth! Pretty soon he comes running into the house spitting and sputtering, throwing open cupboard doors, gargling with everything under the sink (including bleach!) and basically squealing like a little girl. When he could finally tell me what was happening it turns out that what was clogging my washer fluid hose was a decaying mouse! Fur, bones and who knows what else! It was quite nauseating and DH has not been the same since.

    Things in the garden that creep me Out? Grasshoppers and praying mantis!

    * Posted by: hengal z5 / Indiana (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 13:21

    OMG Tanna! That is sooooo disgusting!

    June Bugs!! I HATE them and we have tons of them. I hate the way they fly around my face and get stuck in my hair ---ICK! A couple of weeks ago it was late at night, I was in my pajamas in our room getting ready for bed when I felt something "itchy" on my rear end. When I felt to see what it was - it WAS A JUNE BUG IN MY PAJAMA PANTS ON MY BUTT!!! OMG!! You talk about doing a dance- Geesh - I was rippin those pants off as fast as I could! Needless to say DH was laying in bed holding his sides laughing hysterically at my "bug butt" antics. I still have no idea how that creepy thing got in there! Maybe my butt attracts bugs - I got stung on the "cheek" by a wasp several years ago (thanks alot - like I really NEEDED that cheek to swell to a bigger size than it already was)

    * Posted by: LambsEar z7 TX (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 13:25

    No one has mentioned scorpions yet. We live in the desert of West Texas and get those little blonde ones. They like to get in the attic and sometimes fall out of the light fixtures, or just creep silently around with their tails up and pincers out. Tarantulas are pretty common here too. It's pretty freaky when you see them crossing the highway in a herd.

    * Posted by: mscarlet z5 MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 14:29

    I remembered another story. I was not actually gardening when it happened but...When I was little my mom started collecting leatherbound first edition books for me. When I married and then divorced I toted those huge boxes of books with me every time I moved. About 9 years ago when I was redoing the cellar in the house that I was in at the time, I took the boxes of books and put them in my garden shed.

    After being out there for about a year someone asked me they could borrow one of the books that I had. I went out to the garden shed to check the boxes (I also had boxes of hardcovers that were relatively new) and was opening them and sticking my hand in them. One of the boxes had this cottony feel to it. I thought my son had stuck something in it so I opened it up! I almost had a heart attack right then and there. Peering up at me with beady red eyes was a creature! I screamed and was hopping up and down going nuts. My husband came out and went to see exactly WHAT had been in the box. Whatever it was I had scared the hell out of it and it booked (no pun intended). It appears whatever it was had made a nice soft nest in my box of books. He think it was mice but I am not so sure.

    Anyway, now I can not even open any box that is in my garage (which is dirt floored) or anything that has been delivered in a box by UPS or any other delivery service if it has been outside for any length of time (even hours) without putting on my rose thorn gloves, making sure I have shoes on (in case the creature runs out) and putting a hat on so if it jumps it isn't jumping on my head! My husband thinks that I am nuts because as soon as I hear the UPS truck I got outside to meet him so that the box is not left out there unattended! Those little red beady eyes have traumatized me for life!

    * Posted by: Tannatonk z3 MT (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 14:56

    You guys have me remembering all sorts of things that I thought for sure I had blocked out of my head forever. Here's another one that happened about 8 years ago and we were moving. As we were loading up our bed I found a huge snakeskin under it! And then later that same day I was cleaning the bedroom before we shut the door for the last time and when I took down the ceiling light fixture there was another snake skin!!! How did it get there? I'm so glad we were moving out and not in.

    Thanks alot guys. It may take another 10 years to forget about that one. LOL!!!

    * Posted by: honaras z4-5 MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 15:05

    Had to add in my heebie-jeebie tale! haha Keep 'em comin'.

    Well, long story short, my apartment was infested with maggots last fall.

    I walk out of the *clean, well-cared for* apartment in the morning - all's fine and dandy. I return that night - over 300 maggots crawling all over my floors (carpeting *and* linoleum.) They must've come from the kitchen trashcan (which I'd emptied just 4 days earlier...) but I have no idea how they climbed up the sides, since none of them were anywhere but my floors. I had pick up everything on the floors (magazines, books, shoes, my favorite pair of jeans), try to avoid screaming when I'd see the little f___kers squirming underneath, and squish each and every one with tissues and throw them out. There were 4 under my bed!!!! It still makes me gag. Damn houseflies... Any possible ideas how that happened??

    * Posted by: Cindy50 z4-5 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 15:50

    Oh my gosh! I forgot June bugs and ticks and leeches and...maggots... I also never equated shrimp with grubs... And I never was particularly afraid of mice... until now!

    * Posted by: Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 15:51

    Okay guys and gals - I started the first thread by saying that I couldn't stand the feel of Rudbeckia hirta against my bare hands. I want you all to know that last weekend I was pulling 'em bare-handed, because the feel of that hairy rudbeckia was nowhere near as gross as some of these stories!

    I have to share my experience with poison ivy. We don't have any on our property. A few summers ago my left ankle started to itch, but it was the height of mosquito season so I didn't think much about it. I have this bad habit of sitting with my left ankle tucked under my leg. Pretty soon, the back of my leg was itching, then it spread from one thigh to the other as I slept. By now I was doing calomine lotion all over, and wearing the same loose skirt every day because I couldn't stand to wear anything touching my legs. Finally I called the nurse and told her how bad the rash was (the skin on my ankles was thickened like leather at this point) and that it looked like poison ivy but I didn't know for sure. She had me come in that afternoon.

    The nurse I had spoken with called my name in the waiting room, and as I walked over she said loudly, "Well I'll say you've got bad poison ivy!" Do I need to say that this was before the current patient privacy laws? (And do I need to say that I now have a new doctor?)

    Anyhow, I went so far as to retrace my steps for several days before I came down with the rash and never found any poison ivy. My best guess is that one of my dogs wandered off somewhere, got it on his fur and then rubbed on me. And if I ever even remotely suspect I have it again, I will be washing vigorously with Technu!

    * Posted by: Betula 7MD (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 16:18

  • Tamara
    7 years ago

    I think we should take a vote on who has the funniest heeby jeeby story to tell.

    Actually, these three get my vote:

    Lisa's story about the skunk Wild4gardens story about the tick and her husband Veronicastrum's story about the bee and her ahem cleavage

    * Posted by: ernie50 z7bGA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 17:06

    I was thinking the same. My favorites are Meadowlark's Mother of all Spiders & Marilou's snake orgy-they must be stopped!LOL. Great visuals.

    * Posted by: Storygardener 5/6 central oh (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 18:24

    I've noticed a trend here...seems like only women get the garden heebie-jeebies.

    Don't men ever get them?

    Just wondering...

    * Posted by: Jannie z7 LI NY (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 19:29

    My friend Angela went out for her Anniversary with DH Jim. She ordered a big salad, it came with cut-up portobello mushrooms, sliced in strips. Jim looked over, said her salad "looks like it has slugs in it," Angela went home in tears, and hasn't been able to eat mushrooms ever since.

    * Posted by: another_hosta_please 6 Coastal MA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 20:03

    lmao @jannie's story. That is priceless!

    * Posted by: ernie50 z7bGA (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 20:28

    Why no, storygardener! We're much too macho and manly to...WHAT WAS THAT!!!;)

    * Posted by: bouncingpig Spokane z 4-5 (My Page) on Thu, Jun 26, 03 at 20:56

    Here in Spokane we get these horrible spiders that look like a marshmallow after it has been roasted and is about to pop. If you squish them (poor DH gets that job!) they literally explode. Their bodies, not counting legs, are about an inch across! So creepy!!!! I also think those white plastic garden swans sold at K-mart border on giving me the heebie-jeebies, or perhaps just the "tacky-wackys".

    * Posted by: grrlsmom z5 IL (My Page) on Fri, Jun 27, 03 at 0:36

    E had to share my fav maggot story. And by the way, I vote for another hostas story about her mom and the ground hog. LMAO! Anyway, when our 3 girls were little, they were very competitive about everything. Fixing chicken to go on the grill one night, I noticed there was an odd # of legs - not an absolutely, even, fair #, and thought, uh-oh, another fight! When dh brought them back in, one was gone and I even remarked, oh ya fixed that problem! He just looked at me. 6 wks later, oldest dd room SMELLED. I cleaned and cleaned, ripped apart the closet, everything. But for some reason, I don't remember why, I didn't get under the bed. One afternoon, I heard all the girls in dd rm. screaming their heads off - chicken leg had pretty much walked out from under the bed by itself. Maggots! The kids and friends were freaking, dh was gone, I had to bite the bullet and take of it ALL BY MYSELF. EWWWWWW! We finally figured out cat had snuck up, grabbed it before plate went out to be cooked and carted it under dd bed for a snack and then abandoned it. Thank God, none of the six I have now is interested in people food!

    * Posted by: Storygardener 5/6 central oh (My Page) on Fri, Jun 27, 03 at 5:44

    Ah, yes, Ernie - that's what I figured...*giggle*.

    * Posted by: Wendy_the_Pooh USDA 2003 z5/6 (My Page) on Sun, Jun 29, 03 at 14:57

    Today I found this THING growing on my straw...
    [Yucky fungus growing in straw] [More yucky fungus growing in straw] [Yes, even more yucky fungus growing in straw]

    Eeeeek, I almost touched it!!

    Also, my very own dog barf fungus...
    [Dried dog barf] [More dried dog barf]

    [ o ] RE: Garden Heebie-Jeebies II

    * Posted by: jennysrainbow z5 PA (My Page) on Sun, Jun 29, 03 at 17:34

    I'm sure I'm not alone in getting that Heebie Jeebie feeling from spiders... Don't know why, but they give me the creeps. After being out in the garden one evening, I came in and saw a hidious, brown, hairy, rather large spider on my sneaker. I shooed it off and proceeded to squish it - only to realize that what I thought were "hairs" on the spider weren't... they were HUNDREDS of it's babies traveling on it's back!!! UGH! They were running all over the floor, up the walls, everywhere. My Heebie Jeebies were multiplied by 100 - literally. Had to get some spray to kill them all. Would have taken all night to track down and squish all the little ones. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

    Great post - love these stories... hysterical! :) Thanks for the laughs.

    * Posted by: Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Mon, Jun 30, 03 at 9:35


    Friday - Went for a walk through the woods when somebody said, "Oh, there's poison ivy in here!" Yes, I was standing on it! (See my earlier post where I insist there is no poison ivy on my property. Mea culpa.) When I got in the house, I carefully removed my jeans and immediately washed them because the cuffs definitely dragged across the plant. Haven't decided how I will handle the leather work boots I was wearing!

    Saturday - Drove downstate to visit a friend and pick up my daughter from camp, so I was safe for the day!

    Sunday - worked in the garden most of the day. Took a mid-afternoon break on the porch. As I was running my hand through my hair, I felt a piece of leaf or a seed stuck in my hair, right at the part. Hmm, it was a little stubborn to get it out... Hmm again, what's that crawling on my hand now? EEUW! TICK!

    Thank goodness it's Monday!

    * Posted by: flytoxin z6a NJ (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 0:06

    My story is not so much of an EEUW!!, but incredibly embarrassing. I mulch all my beds with wood chips as we have a tree service. The different variety of chips produce of course different varieties of fungus/mushrooms when they become extremely wet. Well one weekend the significant other's parents came down for a visit after a particularly rainy period. I had not been around the north side of the house for about a week and that area is heavily mulched in a wide swath. As I rounded the house giving them a tour of the various improvements we had made since their last visit we stopped dead in our tracks. There were hundreds of mushrooms, I mean hundreds. All of them the exact same standing there in full glory at complete attention. THEY EACH LOOKED LIKE A COMPLETE SET OF MALE GENITALIA. The flag pole and the two boys. It was a giant sea of white serpents. Have I told you yet that his parents are Baptist ministers? His mother was afraid to walk on the stone path leading through, she kept looking back and forth as though she thought one of them were going to jump out and bite her ankles. So what did the S.O. say to his father as he pointed at one of the shrooms, "Now you know why she likes gardening so much". AAARRGGG!!

    * Posted by: Wendy_the_Pooh USDA 2003 z5/6 (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 0:18

    Oh, my, is that funny, flytoxin. Glad I was awake for that story. Hee-hee-hee!

    * Posted by: Veronicastrum z5 IL (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 8:57

    flytoxin, I will "witness" for you that you're not exaggerating - I had a nice "set" pop up in my own yard last summer. Thank heavens it was only my 14-year-old niece who commented on how interesting the mushrooms were.

    And by the way, I think your SO has the same sense of humor as my husband!

    * Posted by: TinaMcG Z5 Chicago (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 13:01

    Hey speaking of dog-barf fungus, aka slime mold....this is the first year I haven't had a problem with it. Last year was a nightmare. I don't care if it "doesn't do any harm". It was growing all over my perennials, and if I hit it with the hose, there were poofs of black spore-smoke all over the place. It was like a Hitchcock film in our garden.

    Why don't I have slime mold this year? Well, the weather hasn't been that much different than in previous years, so I can only figure it's because I switched from hardwood bark mulch to a thick layer of shredded leaves.

    * Posted by: flytoxin z6a NJ (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 17:17

    Tina McG:

    Could possibly be the change that did it. I do not use leaves as I found they created a slug problem for me. Dying material and a soft environment to slither over. They seem to resent the rougher texture. Last years chips were predominately maple which produced the serpent army, this year it's birch and it's crop are like the Japanese Shitaki mushrooms. Birch chips are my favorite as they smell great (just don't work with them too long after freshly being cut as you can actually be overcome by the fumes, smells like being in a giant soda factory). Like other chips they will dry out but a rain will bring on the fragrance again. I also find that the insect level seems to decrease in the beds when I use them. (Unfortunately I'm at the mercy of whatever is on the trucks when they come home and many times it's something else).

    * Posted by: littlebug5 z5 MO (My Page) on Wed, Jul 2, 03 at 17:38

    Still laughing at flytoxin's anatomically correct shrooms.

    Well, I had a heebie-jeebie, and I still have chills up my back just remembering it:

    I was home alone, mowing my yard on my big noisy riding mower. On the side of my house, near the woods, I was mowing along when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned around on the seat and just caught the sight of a BIG blacksnake disappearing into the woods. About 4 FEET of him!!!! Well, I am a snake-phobic. I just about had a heart attack. Then, I thought, well, I can't let him get away! So I stopped the mower, went around to the garage to get the hoe, and come back looking for him. Well, I saw him all right. He raised his head up out of the weeds under the trees, looked at me, then KEPT RAISING UP OUT OF THE WEEDS TO A HEIGHT OF ABOUT 4 FOOT AND CLIMBED A TREE!!!! He stretched out along the branch that hung over my yard. About 6 Feet long! AAAAUGGGHHHH!

    So, methinks, I'll get you yet! So I go back to the garage to get my son's .22 and some shells. So I come back to shoot him and he's gone. Naturally!

    So, after I calmed down a little bit, I got back on my mower to finish the yard. (Hang with me here.) I had to mow under that branch, several times, and each time I was craning my neck to make sure he wasn't up there and ready to fall down on me.

    Unbeknownest to me, DH and DS (who is 13) returned home. DS brought me a cold pop (how sweet, you think). Well, he thought he would be clever and sneak up behind me and surprise me with it.

    Well, you guessed it. As I was making a pass under that fateful branch, DS tapped me on the shoulder. I thought I was going to die! As we say in Missouri, I nearly "had a cow." I screamed, I cried, I nearly wet my pants.

    DS thought it was extremely funny. And we haven't seen the snake since.

    * Posted by: Chris_ont 4-5 Ont (My Page) on Sat, Jul 5, 03 at 22:54

    Littlebug, I can only say I'm glad you didn't still have that gun when your DS startled you!

    I had a moment today.
    There was this thing on my crocosmia. Round, grey, pea-size and shape. In some sort of web. I figured it for an egg or eggs of some sort. Because I can't leave well enough alone, I used my finger to poke at the very edge of the web, to see if it was a spider with its legs pulled in or something.

    SPROINGGGGGG. The thing took a gigantic leap, hit my finger (I think) and disappeared. It was just gone. I never even saw what it was.

    Of course, I was convinced that it landed somewhere on me. I ran in the house, removed all of my clothes and shook them out. I'm STILL convinced it's in my hair or something.

    I never learn...

    * Posted by: Taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on Sun, Jul 6, 03 at 1:17

    flytoxin, ROTHLMAO, hehehe! Hope the MIL loosened up some after her 'encounter' with the 'mushrooms' hehehe!

    * Posted by: Radagast US east coast (My Page) on Sun, Jul 6, 03 at 15:35

    Here's a few, and yes, I am a guy, so you can snicker if you want to...

    --- The Medusa Pine: This one happened a bunch of years ago back when I was in college. My family has a modest-sized pine bush on the east side of the house.

    Well, one day I was out there trimming the grass or mowing it or something, and I kept hearing a rustling sound... I turned around and my eyes wided in horror at the pine bush.

    The whole thing was covered with pinesaw worms (or something like that) - these long, green caterpiller like things would cover the stems and sorta blend in, but they'd all squirm and wriggle at the same time.

    The result was as if the whole plant was a Medusa - a slithering, ghastly mass of snake-like worms. HORRID!!

    Fortunately, a good dose of insecticide kills the dang things, but it was a pretty revolting sight to see. You just don't expect to see that many bugs on a plant, and they were all green so they blended in... until they moved...

    --- Spiders: Normally, I don't mind them, but there's a particular kind that I've seen around on the east coast that gets in houses now and then... it's large and black, and while not one of the dangerous, biting types, it is still nasty and bold. Unlike most spiders, if you try to crush it, it will jump at you, or run away with astounding speed. Just a real pain in the neck, especially when they jump off walls and such.

    --- Mushrooms: I just hate mushrooms. I don't know why, exactly, though my family always had a problem with mushrooms and gross toadstools growing in the soggy, shady area of the yard near the drainage ditch. I just hate nearly all of them. They're nothing but decay, feeding upon death, and they have all sorts of gross and unnatural behavior... puffballs that unleash clouds of spores, bloated, revolting mushrooms that kill all the grass around them, etc... and the big ones STINK! when cut with a lawnmower or whatever. UGH!!

    * Posted by: odonata_va z7-8VA (My Page) on Sun, Jul 6, 03 at 16:17

    I dont gross out over stuff but my husband does...

    I was in the garden. My husband (who hates nature as much as it hates him) is complaining to me about the tomato plant I pulled out (virus) He is standing with his back to the bluebird house. I can see the house entrance over his shoulder. He is standing only a foot away. I see something move. I think "oh the baby birds are moving around in the box" (they were getting ready to fledge. At this point, everything goes to slow motion. The cute little baby bird sticks its head out of the box. But wait, The head is black and reptilian not blue and feathery. Interesting, I think, Should I interrupt my patronizing but oblivious husband and alert him to the fact that he is about to get up close and personal with Nature?....

    Nah, Said blacksnake came shooting out of the box, landed on his neck and dropped down and got caught between his t shirt and under his armpit as he did the fourth of July blacksnake on your neck dance. Best strip act I have ever witnessed in my front, back and side yard, clothes all OVER the place. Said snake was released in the woods with my blessing and Said hubby retired to the house in his jockey shorts. Neighbor lady said she felt she should have tipped him five bucks. I told her he was good at it because in 14 years of marriage, this has been the 4th time that a snake has dropped down on his neck.

    * Posted by: Wendy_the_Pooh USDA 2003 z5/6 (My Page) on Sun, Jul 6, 03 at 21:47


    It's probably still in the house. Have you imagined lately (while you're half-asleep) that you've felt something crawling on you? :) I know, I'm bad...

    * Posted by: Taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on Sun, Jul 6, 03 at 23:11

    odonata va, ROTHLMAO again! This is a very funny thread!

    * Posted by: Vicky60 z5 WI ) on Wed, Jul 16, 03 at 13:41

    Oh my. My co-workers must think I am crazy. These are hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the snake stories. I can fortunately say that I've never had a close encounter, but I can imagine that I would do the, as odonata called it, Fourth-of-July blacksnake down your neck dance. I just don't think they (snakes) have evolved yet.

    * Posted by: Cris 6b RI (My Page) on Wed, Jul 16, 03 at 15:02

    Maggots hands down. I was scarred as a 10 year old finding a dead rat in a heap of tack in our barn. <

    Ticks come in a close second. There's nothing more gross than a tick. < I freak out if I find one of me....jumping around...screeching...the whole nine yards

    * Posted by: Leslie6RI (My Page) on Wed, Jul 16, 03 at 16:18

    I want to grow some of those mushrooms that flytoxin had. I don't know why...

    And I've never been concerned in the least about moths. UNTIL NOW!

    And I'm wondering what would happen if I dropped a snake on my husband's neck. Maybe I could charge the neighbors for the floor-show...

    This has to be the funniest thread I've ever read.

    * Posted by: momofthreeinzone4 Z4NY ) on Wed, Jul 16, 03 at 17:13

    i got my son a bug catcher last year and he had a great time with it - he left it on the porch during the winter snow and when the snow thawed we found Cheez-its and the remains of a mouse in it.

    * Posted by: flytoxin z6a NJ (My Page) on Wed, Jul 16, 03 at 18:36

    Are we allowed another EEEWWW! story? Please, please, it's a bonafide one that I just remembered.

    When my brother and I were young our little sister was a real pain in the ____. The type of kid that would sneak up behind you when you were watching TV, rip a hunk of hair out of the back of your head and then run and tell your parents you were beating on her. Which resulted in you getting smacked! Well one day when my brother and I were playing out in the front yard she was really harassing us so of course we started to chase her. She was so busy running while looking backwards that she had not realized she had cleared our property line and was now entering the neighbors. The neighbors with the really really big dogs.Well before you knew it she hit the biggest, juiciest, pile of St. Bernard's crap you ever saw. That poor dog must of had alot of grease that night as man was it loose. As soon as she hit it she went down like a baseball player sliding into home plate. Too this day I can still see it in slow mo in my mind. My brother and I started laughing so hard, she cried all the way home and we presented her to mom with us still laughing our butts off. What was mom's response? "Oh you think it's funny, well lets see how funny you think it is when you clean her up!" And we had to. EEEWWWWW!!! She stunk so bad! The hair on the one side of her head was slicked back like some greaser from the 50's, she even had it in her ears. Man it was horrible. My brother wanted to throw her in the pool but we remembered she still couldn't swim that good. Seriously we were pondering the thought but were afraid that if we had to fish her out in an emergency move we might not be able to get a good grip on her because she was so slippery. (Heh the minds of a 10 & an 11 yr old). We opted for the complete strip/garden hose technique as we were in enough hot water.

    So if any of you ever cross paths with my little sister and she starts to get on your nerves just use this little question "Is it true your nickname as a kid was stinky?" To this day decades later we never let her live that one down.

    * Posted by: BronwynsPetalPatch Z7/6b NJShore (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 1:38

    Its so funny I found this post... I just went outside to 'right' my patio umbrella that fell over, table and all(had a rain storm) and stepped on a slug! :P Yik!!!!! (there really are no words to describe!) :O)

    * Posted by: SunnyDay2day mid-MI. zone 5 (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 15:30

    Man, you guys are hard on my bladder! Thanks 10 million for the many many ROFL laughs! I can't remember any heebie jeebies since I got a bloodsucker on my foot as a girl of about 10 or 11. Then it was my mother's turn to laugh till she cried when I did the help-I'm-dying-get-this-monster-off-my-foot-can't-you-seeI'm-hysterical dance. Talk about disgusting...they rank right up there with maggots!

    * Posted by: Meig z5a IL (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 16:09

    Most of these stories make me want to run and take a skin literally itches thinking about some of it...bleh!

    Others are making me laugh so hard I am crying.

    * Posted by: cadence 8b (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 17:50

    You all have literally got me paranoid now. I just poured myself a nice cold coke and when I put the glass up to my lips, I stopped dead cold. Had to look into the glass first. LOL

    * Posted by: Yondertree Oregon coast (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 22:32

    Yikes, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, like the time I was standing out in front of the place I work, talking to my boss, and a seagull dumped all over the shoulder of my coat. I never saw him laugh so hard, sadistic fellow, but it was one joke I couldn't laugh at.

    But this one still gives me chills: Once out in the garden, bending over, I felt a light touch of something softly running up my back. I looked up to see a hawk flying away, with a recently caught ground squirrel dangling from his talons! He was having trouble making his altitude fast enough, and that squirrel tail had brushed along my spine.

    * Posted by: Cleo1 6b (My Page) on Sat, Jul 19, 03 at 23:33

    I always leave a 2 foot pail on the side of the house to collect weeds/garden cuttings. I threw stuff in the pail a few weeks ago and a mouse jumped up about a foot from inside the pail. Nearly gave me a heart attack. While I was pondering how it got in there and what I was going to do about it, my husband came home (HEHEHE). Told him I had a problem with my garden pail and stood back. It's ok, he does not have a heart problem, at least not that I know of. LOL... I never throw anything in the pail now without peeking first.

    * Posted by: sowngrow 8 (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 0:14

    Wow-I'm sitting here with my feet on the rung of my desk chair (don't know what might crawl over them) laughing 'til I'm crying. I was intermittently feeling like I have something crawling on me and then scratching my arms during the entire thread!
    flytoxin you are TOO much!
    And Sandra, I have a frog phobia also. Of course people don't take that seriously when they are told. One day a neighbor boy who knew full well of my phobia, actually threw a frog, as hard as he could, at me while he stood in the street and I stood by my garage talking to his mother.
    Fortunately for me and that da*# kid, the frog missed me.

    * Posted by: butterbeanbaby z5 MO (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 9:07

    Oh my God, y'all need to put a disclaimer on this "Do Not Read While Pregnant"... I'm laughing so hard my eyes are running, my four year old thinks I've lost it, my skin is crawling, I can't breathe and either my water just broke or I may have wet my pants!!!!!

    I can't read about flytoxin's sister or odonata's hubby's blacksnake boogie again or I'll have to go to the hospital for sure!

    My hubby goes absolutely bezerk if he sees a wasp... big ol' 250 lb man doing the heebie jeebie dance, then he grabs a shoe and dances around practicing killing it for about ten minutes, hits the wall and the floor and the furniture before I get tired of watching and walk up and smack it for him. He also tries to kill wolf spiders with the hammer. City raised apartment boy LOL.

    Not long after we moved to MO from CA, our cat was sitting behind the TV one day just hissing her brains out... hubby and I were both going "what the *heck* is wrong with that stuipd cat" so I looked back there... big ol' grass spider had cornered my 14 lbs kitty and she couldn't get away.

    Anything to do with maggots or snakes is bad enough, but those *gigantic* Missouri slugs pretty much do me in. First time I saw one I started screaming "SNAKE SNAKE" at my hubby. Those suckers are so big, you can't step on them. I can't even bring myself to salt them they so nasty.

    I need to go take a shower!

    * Posted by: prussell z6 TN (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 17:31

    why, oh why, has no one mentioned possums yet?!

    * Posted by: odonata_va z7-8VA (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 19:59

    Possums? live ones, dead ones or ones playing dead?

    * Posted by: odonata_va z7-8VA (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 20:24

    I think I?m going to charge admission to the greatest show on earth.... My husband against the world of nature... I?m going to take him out in the woods, release him and then film his epic and panic filled run back to civilization... I kid you not, the gods of nature hate this man... What follows are true accounts:

    6 mind you 6 counts of blood poisoning in 14 years from mosquito bites.

    Snake falls off the top of the screen door onto his neck.
    Snake falls out of a tree onto his neck Snake pretends to be a garden hose and gets picked up Snake lands on neck from birdhouse

    9 snakes + 1 log + 1 stuuuuck canoe on log + two newlyweds (the male newlywed is rocking the canoe and the log and the snakes and screaming I quote "I SHOULD HAVE NEVER MARRIED YOU! YOU SHOULD HAVE MARRIED A PARK RANGER!)= Everyone in the water including 9 snakes. (Ever seen someone levitate before?)

    Beaver attacks boat, but only stern of boat where husband sits. (He wouldn?t let me steer the boat anymore once he figured out I steer towards the snakes)

    Husband on hike goes to pee off the side of the trail into a ditch and a deer runs out of the woods and knocks him over.

    Mountain lion follows us up trail

    Mountain lion follows us down the trail until a BEAR shows up.

    Tiger swallowtails at a 'puddle club' fly up and circle his head and manage to stick a butterfly foot into his eye.. you guessed it, eye becomes infected.

    He bought me walkie talkies for Christmas so we can stay in contact.........

    * Posted by: flytoxin z6a NJ (My Page) on Sun, Jul 20, 03 at 21:57

    To Sowngrow: My oldest son was a small creature collector and had a habit of sticking them in his pockets and forgetting to take them out once he got home. Bet you didn't know that the majority of frogs can't make it through the laundry from start to finish. The rpms in the spin cycle literally rips them apart. Found that out a few times. Totally gross! Although tree frogs are a bit more durable wash wise, it's the dryer that finishes them off! You find them shrink wrapped like some ancient Colorform on the drum wall (and they don't peel off easy). It was the gifts from my son that finally taught me to check pockets before doing a load.

    To odonata: Put that poor husband of yours in a bubble, he's been through enough.

    * Posted by: lavatera 5/chgo (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 11:03

    What a relief to read about so many others that have similar heebie jeebie triggers despite wanting to be outdoorsy or even gardeners!

    It was especially a relief after having spent yesterday morning at my sister-in-law's, in her fabulous garden as she casually picked off beetles from various rose bushes and other plants and proceeded to smash or vivisect them in her BARE HANDS! EEEWWW! And she was doing it like it was nothing. Of course so many times I've read gardening experts say that before you resort to using chemicals you should try the hand pick method. But besides her, I've never actually SEEN someone doing it and with such gusto.

    I stop at using a hose and then I just give up on an infestation figuring que sera, sera....

    * Posted by: Chris_ont 5a Ont (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 11:16

    So I'm happily dead-heading this morning. The earth smells heavenly after this rain, the robins are following me around hoping I'd unearth a worm or two, hum, whistle, happy sigh, pretty pretty garden.

    Clipping some damaged violet leaves, I put my finger into something squishy and fluffy. Poked it right into a big clump of spider eggs in the process of hatching. My hand was instantly covered in tiny baby spiders.

    I now know why dogs roll on the ground when they've encountered something unpleasant.

    * Posted by: Talamorgan z6 PA (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 12:08

    Chris_ont, I would have DIED right there on the spot. I am absolutely terrified of spiders!

    * Posted by: ccsuzy z6 IN (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 12:15

    Yesterday I walked out in the yard and was standing looking at our new backdoor and realized my foot was becoming covered in ants. Last night after turning off the hose (which the teenagers left on the day before when washing the car) I was sitting on the couch and tried to swat the fly on my leg - it was a slug, YUCK. Then this morning I found a reddish black thing on the back of my arm that looked like a scab, rubbed it and it stood up on end, yep, it was a tick....

    * Posted by: Wild4Gardens 6 PA (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 17:36

    OMIGOD, Odonata.. I am crying from laughing so loud!

    * Posted by: wingnutdad620 z6 RI (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 20:18

    Ok, no funny story to go with this one but those BIG PINK YUCKY IRIS BORERS ARE GROSS!

    * Posted by: Triple_Creek z5 (My Page) on Mon, Jul 21, 03 at 21:23

    Some of you people are just to funny. Thanks for the laughs. My garden Heebie Jeebies has to do with snakes. I used to be terrified of them, but since we built our house in the middle of 50 mostly wooded acres, I figure they were here first and am trying to cope. I can handle most of them but when it comes to the poisonous copperheads I draw the line. One day i decided to divide a daylily that had ajuga growing all around it and reached down to pull some of it back so I could see what I was doing. Well I guess the little copperhead under there thought I was trying to pick him up, and it bit me on the left pinkie.(they are poisonous) Can you say PANIC!
    Since I was home alone, I called the nearest neighbor. She said she would take me to the ER , but since her little ones were asleep, I decided to drive myself to where my DH was working not knowing if I was going to get sick or what. He took me on to the ER. I didn't die . LOL, just had to get a tetanus shot and had a swollen and painful hand for about a week. So I figure I can survive a bite but I still don't like them. This summer I was in the garden with my dog Keebler ( named for the Keebler Elves because he was a stray born in a hollow tree). Anyway, he gives his ?someone is here? bark but with a low growl at the end, so I come to check it out and there is a LARGE Shiny copperhead on the front walk. I went to get the hoe and when I got back I couldn't see it, but figured it went under the bush next to the walk. Couldn't flush it out with the hoe, so went for the 22. Still couldn't see it but shot into the bush anyway. It pops it head out and I shoot it. Sure I killed it with the first shot. But since snakes have a habit of wiggling for a while after they are dead. I target practiced for a while. When I related the snake story to my DH, he asked if I shot it in the head. My reply was, yes and everywhere else. He chuckled. I know they are gods creatures too, I just don't like them in such close proximity.

    * Posted by: ernie50 z7bGA (My Page) on Tue, Jul 22, 03 at 6:58

    There's something admirable about a woman who shoots her own snakes. Kudos TC(and Keebler)!

    * Posted by Alex_z7 7 AL (My Page) on Tue, Jun 29, 04 at 11:43

    Somehow, while doing a search on the whole site last night, the FAQ Gardening Heebie Jeebies showed up. It didn't have what I was searching for, but I can't tell you the last time I laughed that hard.

    I was telling my h about it when we got into bed last night, and I kept telling him stories as I remembered them. We were lying there, only 1 lamp on across the room, peacefully giggling about the creepies in the stories when suddenly something small jumps up and is flying for us on the bed! I screamed and yanked the covers up, trying to fend the creature off......

    Just then I realized it had made a noise just before landing on my husband. Gee, it sounded like our cat.

    Now, our cat is not allowed in our bedroom because of my allergies. She has the upstairs of the house to herself and our big dogs have the downstairs. (She hates them. They love her and don't understand why she doesn't like them.) But she apparently gets lonely and feels left out so she crept across the living room and was sneaking into our bedroom. Once we finished laughing hysterically, I told her she needed to announce her presence BEFORE jumping on the bed like that. No response. I called her and cooed for her, no kitty.

    She had been so scared by my screaming that she had turned and run back through the living room (dog territory) and back upstairs! My h went to check on her and she huffily informed him that she was not amused, that she had lost one of her 9 lives to my scream, and that she was NOT going to grace us w/ her presence again tonight.

    Of course, tomorrow is another day.....

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    Heebie Jeebies time...


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    Three cheers for arachnids! A few weeks ago, I noticed small black beetles doing a number on my sedums and was sick with worry. Then about ten days ago, I suddenly noticed small black spiders with white marks on the abdomen hiding in some of the sedums, too. They don't spin webs and I think they're nicknamed &quot;wolf&quot; or &quot;jumping&quot; spiders. Most of the beetles seem to be gone now. I think I know why. :D For what it's worth, I have a terrible dislike of earwigs. I see them crawling around and invariably reach out with the trowel and try to swat them into the next county. I know they can't hurt me, but the sight of them still freaks me out. :o
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    OMG too funny Old Heebie Jeebies Post


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    I'm creeped out by spruce beetles. I run if I even see them flying within a 100 meter radius. Who can blame me!! When I was 6 I had one fly down the back of my shirt. Mom didn't believe me. I was too calm? But inside I&quot;m SCREAMING!! I remember the horror. So my brother, who is a year younger, was playing pirate and had a REAL hook to be Captain Hook. All sharp and curved and...yeah, moms don't let their 5 year olds play with that kind of thing these days, but there you go--implement of death. Anyways, he fished the spruce beetle out for me--impaled it on his hook! (Don't like Captain Hook either anymore, so two phobias for the price of one!)
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    Heebies and the Geebies!


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    Its possible the snake was killed by the poison. I have had problems with what I will call bud worms before but not every year. They tend to be seasonal here so I pick them off each morning and put them in soapy water to dye. I hope this will minimize damage and help keep populations under control. Heuchera will grow new leaves and look better in a few weeks. On another note, the snake populations can get out of control and the loss of a few snakes is not going to destroy an ecosystem. I would throw them in the trash before some hawk or eagle eats them. Thanks for sharing your experience. Beverly
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