How to Change Text Size on Monitor


I just got a new monitor to replace the old one. How do I change the text size on the screen? It's not listed under


Also, how do I change the text size on the email messages? I can change the body of the message, but don't know how to enlarge the list of emails.


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PKponder TX Z7B

I just got a new monitor to replace the old one. How do I change the text size on the screen?

Is this is your browser that you want to change the text size? If so, which browser do you use...Internet Explorer or Firefox or something else?

To answer the email question, I'll need to know which email client you are using. I'll also need to know what the operating system is. It may be as simple as changing the screen resolution.


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Things you can do that affect your fonts and text size.
Open AOL - Settings on your AOL Toolbar - Font and Text.
Right click your Desktop - Properties - Settings - Advance - DPI Settings in the drop down.
For a Resolution change. I use 960 by 600
Right click your empty desktop screen - properties -
Settings Tab - move the slider bar until it reads 800 X 600 or the other way for smaller text - Click Apply - OK
Right Click your Desktop - Appearance Tab - On your lower left - Change to Normal - Large Or Extra Large Fonts -
Apply -OK
If your using Firefox go to the Toolbar - View - Text size -
For IE6 - Go to View - Text Size - Larger or Largest

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

first thing you need to do is find out what is the proper resolution you are supposed to use with that monitor and make sure it is set properly in your windows settings, using the wrong resolution can be damaging to your monitor. Look up your monitor and find the stats for it or look on the manual that came with it and find the stats.
Go to your desktop and right click then go to the tab for your monitor and make sure the slider is set to the proper matching resolution and settings for your monitor.
If you need your text size larger everywhere including on the desktop icons and text you can go into the settings there in advanced and change the dpi settings. Write down what it was set at so that if you need to go back you know what to do. change the dpi and apply and see if that helps.

Read the info on the new monitor for the button on the front of the monitor and see if there is an auto set button, you may have to do some adjusting using those buttons.

To increase the size of the fonts in your browser only you go into the settings options for the browser itself and change the default font size, the directions depend on if you are using IE or firefox which is it? I would do the change in the settings for default rather than doing the change of text size option in view.

Just be very sure you follow the proper resolution setting for that new monitor.

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I am more confused than ever. Why don't they just have an option to change the text size?

I use a Firefox browser and Outlook Express for email.

And what is resolution?

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albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

blueheron; you have every right to be confused. Take two Percocet, do some Zen breathing exercises and go to >start>control plane > display. You will be overwhelmed for a brief period with too many options. Unless your text size is really, really far off you probably don't need to mess with resolution.

Wait, lets consider some other things first.

I assume you have already done the mouse scroll wheel bits and the control + and - things?

I just noticed you said you have a new monitor. Do you have buttons somewhere around or outside the screen?

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You may not have AOL, I shouldn't have put that in their but
the rest is OK and won't harm your computer.
If you change your resolution things will be larger for you to
On your keyboard hold down on the CTRL Key and roll the wheel
on your mouse to make things larger or smaller. This only
works on certains parts of your Internet Service.
You didn't say what Internet Service or email service you
were using.

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