White dove turned out obvious YELLOW in my house :(

bridget helm
7 years ago

I walked into the house today after all the contractors had gone to find that the crown, casings, and ceiling beams had been painted. I chose white dove thinking it was a safe choice. I tested a little area out and it looked white. I wanted white but with a tiny touch of warmth rather than a bright bright white. But it looks YELLOW- there's nothing white about it! At least not in my den and dining room. It really clashed with the yellowish white on the walls in the dining room.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any recommendations for repainting the crown, beams, casings, and ceilings? Of course I'm wondering how much thus will cost. It's 206 linear feet of crown plus 50 linear feet of beams :(. Plus the ceiling in the 25x25 den. I don't know how much casing. The painters will not be happy with me:(

I can't believe I messed this up. I guess ill use Sherwin wills pure white. It's what we had in our last house. I liked it, but wanted something just a LITTLE bit warmer. Maybe Sherwin will snowbound?

I'm so disappointed.

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