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Cabinets installed before site finished hardwood floors - opinion

11 years ago

How many of your builders did this? None of our floors have been installed, but they are already installing our cabinets.

Last night I was infuriated. This morning DH told our builder to immediately stop cabinet installation so we could figure things out. We contacted our architect who contacted her contractor, and the contractor said that it is the most common way to install cabinets/floors around here. So, after getting that input and talking to our builder, we have decided to go ahead and install all cabinets on plywood (or whatever material theyre using to get it to the proper height) except for the kitchen island and the powder room. The powder room has open toekicks so it HAS to have the hardwood installed underneath. The island was compromise since we thought it would be the most likely to be affected if we ever renovated.

Now I'm just bummed. I know it shouldn't make any difference because we will never see the floors under the cabinets. I get it. But it just seems like a cheap thing to do. Am I having unreasonable expectations?

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