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Vent hood height problem... Advice please!

13 years ago

First of all, I have to thank everyone on this forum for helping us with so many different small AND big issues with regards to putting our new kitchen together. You all are just wonderful!

Here's our latest (potential) problem: Our Best By Broan WP29 ventilation hood is 42" W x 24" D x 18" H. It will go over a 36" Gaggenau induction cooktop. The issue is that the contractor has built cabinetry above the hood to hide the duct work venting outdoors. With that cabinetry, the distance of the hood from the cooktop will only be 26".


We've read enough on this forum to know that it's technically within the acceptable range, and that lower is good for ventilation, but our hood is very deep, 24", which is almost the same depth as the cooktop/base cabinets. So I'm worried that it might feel uncomfortable, especially when cooking on the back burners. Will people bump their forehead against it?

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK... I would much prefer it be installed at 30", but the contractor said that it's not easy to modify the cabinet above since the duct work is within it. And to exchange this hood for a different one would cost us 25% restocking fee. Besides, I do love the way this hood and the cabinetry looks currently. It's just hard for me to picture how it will be as it's not installed yet. I would like to make sure that the 26" will be okay before installation, in case I must return it.

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