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Does the laptop I want exist?

10 years ago

My laptop is biting the dust. Slowly, but I need a new one rather soon. I have a few things I want in a laptop, but it seems that I can only find ones with a few of the things I want. My list is:

Detachable screen/convert to tablet. If I'm going to have windows 8, it's gotta be touchscreen, and if that's the case I'd like the tablet function.

Larger hard drive, 500GB

DVD drive. The big one that seems to be missing.

SD card slot/USB ports. Should have to be said but some do not come with those.

It seems that I can either get a regular, non-tablet-converting laptop with all of those things. OR, I could get a tablet converter laptop with some of those. Does what I want exist? I'm open to any brand as long as it's PC except Dell as of now. I realize all of the things I want can be bought separately - a USB optic drive, an external hard drive - but I don't feel like I should have to carry around the components that should just come with the laptop. I like to just pick it up and go, not make sure I have my DVD drive and my hard drive packed up.

Thanks for any insight! It doesn't seem like a farfetched combination of things, but I'm not coming across anything that has it all.

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