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Does the sink I want exist?

16 years ago

I'm contemplating re-doing my kitchen island if I can find the right replacement sink (and cooktop.)

Finding the right sink will be more difficult than the right cooktop, so I'm focusing on that for now.

Current Island Problems:

1) Not enough prep space

2) A standard bar sink that is incredibly annoying to use. It's too shallow to be good for anything! Even washing hands causes splashes everywhere. I wouldn't dream of trying to rinse chicken pieces there because I'd contaminate all the surrounding area.

Looking for:

- A BIG sink that can magically change function from a sink to a BIG flat-surface prep area

- Having a front-to-back width where I could use standard restaurant supply cutting boards to form the flat-surface prep area. Like the colored ones here:

It seems like either 18", 20", or 24" wide (front to back) would work, and at least 36" wide.

Ideally the cutting board(s) would rest just inside the sink on some type of a ledge, but would be high enough to use for choppng vegetables. prepping meats, etc.

The closest I've seen is the Houzer Novus series. The dual sliding platforms looks excellent. But I'd really prefer it to be both wider and longer.

Has anyone done anything custom like this in Stainless or Granite?

(though with Granite sinks, how do the corners stay sealed, and how reliable is that seal?)

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