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Tub installation confusion!

11 years ago

As part of a self-designed/directed bath re-do, I am in the process of selecting a new tub in replacement of a HUGE jetted tub that is original to the 1987 house I bought 5 yrs. ago. The tub has tiled decking around it, & sits in an alcove that measures 81" wide, 58" deep.

Have been assuming that I'd do another, much smaller drop- in tub, with no jets, and have a new tile deck installed around it. However, the plumber I interviewed this week said that he prefers to install freestanding tubs, that they offer a more solid installation that he feels beter about. I thought, okay, fine, the tub I've most seriously considered, the Kohler Archer, comes in both types: the drop-in & the freestanding; no sweat.

Upon further consideration, & lots of measuring & mulling over the images in my mind, I am really wondering about how this will look.

Imagine this along with me, if you will, & tell me what you think?

Both the freestanding & drop-in Archer tubs comes in two sizes: 60" x 32" & 72" x 36." Let's say I got the larger one. A space About 6" deep would need to be framed behind the end. Tub would bump into the wall where the faucet is on the other end, then the back wall would require more framing, since the alcove is 58" deep, tub is 36." The framing would be tiled. Length of the front of the tub would be exposed. Would this look really "thrown together?" (Hope my description makes sense!)

I wonder if the decking on two sides would just seem odd. A drop in would have decking on three sides if the tub remains against the wall with the faucet, or I could somewhat center a 60" long drop-in tub, deck all four sides, & do a deck mount faucet rather than wall mount.

What would you do? Is a drop-in tub, btw, harder to install well?

Thanks for any feedback!!

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