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Antivirus programs and ? on Nortons 360

14 years ago

just got a new Dell mini for the kids to play on as they are always fighting about whos turn for playing on my Laptop and only computor in the house. So now I have a laptop and a netbook.

My first question is...I have Norton 360 version 2.0 on my current laptop. When I downloaded this software about 1.5 years ago ( two year subscription ) It said I could protect up to 3 computors..Now I cannot seem to find out how to do that..From what I am finding is that I have to download this onto the other computors within 60 days of inishall purchase?

If so than that really sucks as I still have like 140 days left on this subscription. I purposly ordered my mini without a virus protection as I thought I could use my Nortons..

Anyone know if this is in fact how Norton works?

Any suggestions on other software to use..I have used in the past the free AVG but that was more than 6-8 years ago..I liked the Norton for its anti spam filter in my emails and the add- on pack that had web site rating filters to keep the little ones from accidently or purposly, LOL getting on an adult sites..

Looking forward to hearing everyones comments about Nortons and other software to use..Even suggestions I should know / do on this mini Dell so the kids don't crash and burn it, LOL

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