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Need Advice on External Hard Drive...Please

12 years ago

I need to get an external hard drive to do backups on my computer, and the more I shop, the more confused I get! I want something that will do automatic backups on a schedule, plus the flexibility to backup on demand, or transfer files to another computer. (Hope this makes sense.)

I have a Windows XP laptop, Windows XP desktop, and a Windows Vista desktop (the main computer). I will soon be getting a Windows 7 desktop, and that will become my main computer (replacing the XP desktop).

I was considering the Western Digital My Book Essential, but heard that Seagate external hard drives are better. That's when I really got confused!

I have looked at Seagate FreeAgent "GoFlex", "GoFlex Pro", "GoFlex Ultra-Portable" and "GoFlex Ultra-Portable Pro" and can't understand the difference between "Pro" and not-pro. I am concerned that there are a lot of bad reviews on Seagate products, and would appreciate hearing opinions from the experts here.

Thank you for your words of wisdom!!

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