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Computer Hard Drive getting noisy??

13 years ago

My HP Laptop is about 5 years old now and has run everyday most all day long. I have noticed the hard drive is getting noisy. The drive is only a 60GB and I have been wanting to possibly change it out for a larger GB one.

Is there anything to look for when buying a new hard drive that I should know about? Does the RPM need to be the same as the one I have? I believe the one I have is 5400RPM

Also how does one go about backing up the entire system as I have no start-up disc or anything for this laptop?

Is there a way I could back up to my Dell Mini110 as it has 160GB with nothing too much on it yet? I have also thought I would like to buy a external portable drive so maybe that would be a good excuse to get one, LOL

Both my Dell, and HP have XP on them if that matters.

So with all that said, what is your best advice? this Laptop gets used a lot is it worth putting the hard drive in it or would I be money ahead to just go out and get another Laptop? The cheaper new ones now would be faster and have more ram etc. than this one but this works for what I need to do too so I feel I don't really need a new one. Just thinking ahead a little before this drive goes out on me..

Lets just say I am willing to put around $100 in this and use it for a few more years. But much more than $100 and I would just go out and get a cheap new one..I mostly just use it for internet and storing photos,music etc..Reason I'd like a larger hard drive or a external unit..BTW I would use just a external drive but I like that its portable now and don't really want to lug a hard drive around with it if I am on vacation etc.

Sorry so long winded today:)



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