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Venturing into wireless land

I'm trying to encourage my husband to venture into the land of the internet and he hasn't said no; he's even shown a bit of interest. My plan is to set up a wireless network and add a laptop so he can sit in his recliner and surf if the mood hits.

In searching through past posts on this forum, a knowledgeable computer user mentioned they were still happily using their 10 year old laptop. This caused me to consider the 10 year old Sony Vaio sitting in the closet.

The Sony is quite adequate for surfing and simple e-mail (should my "student" want to try that). No sensitive data or accounts would be accessed using this computer.

A sticker on the face of the laptop says "Designed for Microsoft / Windows 2000 Professional / Windows ME". Does this mean that if I find antivirus and firewall software (hopefully free) that supports Win 2000, it would work on this Vaio, or does support have to specify ME?

On my hardwired desktop I use Avast and Zone Alarm. The specs on Avast say OK for Win 2000 but not Zone Alarm. I did find Ashampoo supported Win 2000.

I know that whether we start out using the Vaio or buy a new laptop, I'll have to get a router. However, a USB laptop wireless adapter is only about $20, so it seems it would be worth outfitting the Vaio if the security software issue is covered. Have I missed or misinterpreted something?

Thank you very much for your input - June

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