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What room/space are you most excited about?

11 years ago

Okay, I'm bored this afternoon...but I thought it would be fun to talk about what room/space we're most excited about, with our new home. So many of us look forward to bigger kitchens, more luxurious baths, or a larger entertaining space in the family/great room. But sometimes, it's something as simple as cubbies in the mudroom or a bigger closet that make us smile!

For me, while I'm very happy about the combined kitchen/keeping room, my 'favorite' place will probably be the sun porch. It's my little 'away' area, with room for plants, a little seating, lots of sun...and all mine! The kitties and I can go out and read a book or I can keep the kitties out of my plants in the evening, when I'm not watching them. With glass on three sides, it's got a beautiful view of the big lilac hedge and the horses in the pasture, as well as the roses out front.

So what's your favorite space or future space? If you're still in the planning stages (as I am) what space are you most excited about getting? Thanks for 'playing' and have a great evening! :)

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