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Seeds!! I'm excited - what are you excited about?

15 years ago

Oh boy! I got some good seed and I am still harvesting. Can't wait to get them planted.

Some that I am excited about:

Half Moon Key x Musical Medley

Navy Blues x Star Child

Spacecoast Surprise Purple x Half Moon Key

Miss Jessie x Party Pinafore

Musical Medley x Mildred Mitchell

Navy Blues x Changing Latitudes

Have you got any crosses that you can't wait to see???

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  • 15 years ago

    I am just growing some for myself so didn't keep track of the actual crosses. I don't have seeds yet, but have some HUGE pods on some of my plants-South Sea Serinade, Jerry Nettles, Edith Sliger, Eyes that See, & so many others. S o o o long though before I will get to see what these will look like! Actually, I should just be hoping these are not just huge empty pods :)

  • 15 years ago

    It does seem to take F O R E V E R. I got one seed from a cross I harvested today - Velvet Eyes x Create Your Dream. Should be interesting. Some of the pods are so huge - they especially look humoungous on my minis. I couldn't get anything to set on my Jerry Nettles... but he was new last fall.

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  • 15 years ago

    I love Velvet Eyes, that should make a nice one. Jerry Nettles was new last fall for me too, I was so surprised to see it set pods so nicely. Of course, a couple that I thought would do well refused to set. must be moody.

  • 15 years ago

    I live in the UK and have just started for the first time sowing seeds, mainly sprouted ones. It is quite exciting seeing the shoots come through the compost. I suppose it is like buying a lottery ticket as to whether you will get a really fantastic seedling, never mind it is good to have that sense of hope!

    One plant I would love to have seeds off is Raspberry Stitchings by Patrick Stamile. Sadly I hear that Floyd Cove are not sending the plants to International buyers anymore, [please corect me if I am wrong], which means the only way to acquire this plant over here in the UK is via seeds. Does anyone know who has crossed seeds with Raspberry Stitchings in them and are available for sale?


  • 15 years ago

    We harvested over 5,000 seeds this year already. What am I excited about? Seeing the last of the ripe seed pods!

    Don't let big seed pods fool you. Sometimes I only get 2-3 seeds from them. It's the fat, pumpkin-shaped ones that seem to yield the most seeds.


  • 15 years ago

    Ah! I harvested my first seeds EVER today. :))

    Steve Trimmer x Big Navy 5
    Stave Trimmer x Bluegrass Music 2
    Tequila Mockingbird x Big Navy 1

    Andy, Stamile sent me Raspberry Stitchings as a gift, and I have some pods from it, and a pod on it. :) I'm not ready to sell anything, but if you email me at I'll see how my season ends up and mail you some. It's a beautiful flower, alright, and I used it around but I'm not sure how many pods it set. I'll use it more here at the end of my season with you in mind.

    My personal enthusiasm for making crosses is waning in this heat and humidity, but I think I can motivate out there for a Brit.

  • 15 years ago

    Nancy - you are too funny. I go out and check my pods every day... and I'll tell you I'm right along with Petalpatsy - heat makes the enthusiasm wan. Even at 5 am this morning when I took the dogs out for a walk, it was 76 degrees. Ick. But, I managed to cross some things with Create Your Dream, since I love it so much... and it was blooming. No going to the freezer for pollen in the last few weeks... too hot!!

    The pod on VE x CYD was a big one - one seed inside. But I'll take it!!

    Andy, just so you know, the seed from Raspberry Stitching wont turn out to be a Raspberry Stitchings plant. It will be a cross. Petalpastsy sounds like she is gonna hook you up! Cheers!

    Patsy- ooo... I would be excited about those too! I just ordered Bluegrass Music from FalconG on LA - for what I thought was a good price for a double fan... can't wait!! Did you ever get that camera we talked about??? Let's see those pictures of Lava Flow!!!

  • 15 years ago

    Yes, I got a camera three days ago, a Sony Cybershot 170. I'm working on pics, but it's a challenge for me. :) I don't have any pics of Lava Flow, but for once it looks like the hybridizer's pic. :)

    Raspberry Stitchings was a fertile little thing, I have five pods on her and she was planted this spring.

    RS x unknown :(
    RS x Carol Todd
    RS x Bobby Martin
    RS X Big Navy

    And...I don't know what I was thinking...

    RS x Ava Gardner. ????

    I have some blooms coming on Rainbow Frost and Ill try my freezer pollen on them.

    I only saw one of RS wires out there, and no pod with it. She's in my quarantine garden, and it's the last place I go before heading directly into the house. Yup, shower and change clothes. I didn't have her in any of my dreamy plans so I haven't used her much.

  • 15 years ago

    I'm just excited to have some pods setting :)
    It is my first year making crosses (and growing many of them).

    I'm happy to think I might have a few seeds of my own to start this winter instead of all LA seeds.

    And I'm excited to see all the new daylilies open their smiley faces at me. So fun to see what they look like in MY garden.

    Although I worked up a hybridizing plan this winter it is out the door since everything is new and on different bloom cycles. Some are too small yet to think of setting pod- want them to increase first. A few won't perform or even died :( A lot of what I'm doing is freezing pollen.

    A few crosses so far that I'm excited to see how they turn out:
    .Milk Chocolate x Brown Witch
    .My NOID yellow with Persian Pattern (mostly excited because now I know something about the yellow- it is a dip)
    .Cleopatra's Jewel x anything I get it to set with
    .ditto on Desperado Love

    I have a lot of pretties that have not shown me their faces yet so maybe I'll end up with something more exciting.

  • 15 years ago

    berrytea4me - congrats on all the seeds... I know how you feel. I have been collecting and collecting as the seed pods are finally starting to ripen - and all at the same time of course!! :o)

    I counted what I had today, and so far I have 252 seeds!! Whoa! Lots more pods to collect, but I think that is PLENTY for me to play with!

  • 15 years ago

    No seeds here, I snap off all the seed pods as soon as I see them. No room for seedlings anyway. Plus I truely believe that causing the plant to set seeds makes for less bloom the following year.

  • 15 years ago

    Oh, I can't wait for my seedlings... that is the reason I bought so many darn many *newer* plants. That way I can make my own babies. But I do have to be careful about how much room I have left! :o)

    I have heard that it makes a difference in blooms... I guess I'll see next year. It certianly has not affected how they grow - I can see new fans popping out all over the place. I didn't set seed on my smallest plants... wanted them to make more roots/fans.

  • 15 years ago

    When you first posted this I was still in the middle of making my crosses. Today I'm about 3/4 of the way through collecting pods.

    I have around 500 seeds collected so far and still quite a number of pods out there.

    'Brown Witch' x 'Milk Chocolate' turned out to be a bust. I had lots of pods set but both plants aborted all of their pods early. I tried other pollen too and they did the same thing. I did get one to mature on BW x MC that gave me 3 seeds. I guess the plants just need to settle in better. It is a real mystery why they aborted. I asked Margo and she said that BW did not come out of MC so they should not be THAT closely related to cause a self-pollination block and BW is very pod fertile for her.

    'Desperado Love' was a great parent both ways. DL x 'Cleopatra's Jewel' gave me 45 seeds in 4 pods. Looking forward to seeing those babies.

    'Wild Horses' was another fantastic parent both ways. And I was successful using frozen pollen from this one (yippee, another process I must have done right). I have a pod on 'Sear's Tower' from it that I'm anxious to see ripen before frost. I also have some WH crossed with 'Cleopatra's Jewel' that should be as interesting as DL x CJ.

    My best diploid pod setter was of course (Murphy's Law) that NOID yellow though I thing Fairy Tale Pink will surpass it next year when FTP is settled & has more flowers. The NOID looks exactly like 'Mary Todd', even has her fragrance, but it only accepted diploid pollen so I'm calling it a dip. I started out just trying to see which ploidy this plant was to help with ID but then look at how it set! It does have some nice branching & bud count so I guess that's fine to have so many babies from it. Some of the pods were really full of seed.
    NOID 'Yel' x 'Royal Kaleidoscope' 52 seeds in 3 pods.
    NOID 'Yel' x 'Persian Pattern' 40 seeds in 2 pods
    NOID 'Yel' x 'Brown Witch' 15 seeds in 1 pod
    NOID 'Yel' x 'Milk Chocolate' 45 seeds in 2 pods

    Lots of others but these are what I'm most excited about.

  • 15 years ago

    This is my first year to collect seeds.

    Harvested lots from Frans Hals x Joan Senior, and several NOID dips

    Got some from:
    Strawberry Candy x Geneva Firetruck
    Fooled Me x Strawberry Candy (and reverse)
    Strawberry Candy x Unknown
    Daring Deception x Fooled Me
    Atlanta Moonlight x Fooled Me

    Got a lot from the Lily auction :)

    Also tried to freeze pollen, which seems to be working.

    Don't know if there is enough time, pods are also setting on:
    Wild Cherry Roundup x Gilded Shadows (and vice versa)
    Everything else x Best in Class


  • 15 years ago

    I kept three crosses for myself this year. They are:

    Amanda's Intrigue X Belle of Ashwood
    Fairest of Them X JT Davis
    America's Most Wanted X JT Davis

    They shoud make for some beauties.


  • 15 years ago

    I did my first cross this year, Lady Neva X Breathless Beauty.

    I did six crosses, got 72 seeds, and 48 have germinated!

    I thought that was pretty good. Now I'm realizing you would need A LOT of space if you did a bunch of crosses each year!

  • 15 years ago

    Here are a some of mine that I'm excited about.

    Happy Halloween x Voodoo Magic... HH only set and matured one pod. I made this cross repeatedly and it would start setting pods and then abort them. Wouldn't accept other pollen either.
    Queen's Circle X Sailing At Dawn
    Queen's Circle X Silver Rings
    Sanford Intermezzo X Ledgewood's Sunday Dessert
    Linda Sierra X Linda Beck
    Linda Sierra X Blue Jean Baby
    Bear Claw's X Dragon Fang

    I have a lot of seed from many other crosses, but I'm still trying to figure out what I'm keeping and what I'm going to sell. I'm still waiting for pods on Sailing At Dawn, Facepaint and Rainbow frost to finish up.


  • 15 years ago

    Entwined in The Vine X God Save The Queen sure has me wishing it were two years from now.

    Do do the Jennifer Trimmer X Duke of Gascone
    Duke of Gascone X Red Friday
    Red Friday X Duke of Gascone
    Jennifer Trimmer X Red Friday
    God Save The Queen X Violet Saberwing

    and lots of seedling crosses!

  • 15 years ago

    I have so many seeds (more than 3.000) and so little room to plant them. It's very hard to decide which ones to plant because I'm excited about ALL of them. I have lots of seeds from blue-eyed crosses, toothy crosses, applique eyed crosses, UF crosses, and crosses involving extra-large full-form blooms. I guess I'm most excited about these:

    Awesome Applique X Blazing Saddles
    Regal Fantasy X Mort Morss
    Turquoise Temple X Slipped My Disco
    Mary Lightfine X Slipped My Disco
    Destined To See X Texas Blue Eyes
    Delta Blues X Susie Tee
    Palace Garden Beauty X Cerulean Warbler
    Last Snowflake X Symphony of Praise
    Promoted To Glory X Orchid Forest


  • 15 years ago

    MAN!! Y'all have been busy little bees!! :o)

    I can't wait until a few years from now to see all these babies blooming! What genetics!

    I do have some more that ended up giving seeds, and seemed special (to me at least):

    Dips: (seems like a lot of blue eyes here)
    Caribbean Twilight Time x Barn Owl
    Come See x Baby Blue Eyes
    Earlene Garber x Cousin Jewel
    Honky Tonk Blues x Yankee Doodle Blues
    Little Blue Bell x Star Child
    Navy Blues x Yankee Doodle Blues
    Navy Blues x Baby Blue Eyes
    Miss Jessie x Party Pinafore
    Pink Rocks x Party Pinafore

    Half Moon Key x Mildred Mitchell
    Half Moon Key x Create Your Dream
    Half Moon Key x Clowns Cabaret
    Lavender Fantasia x Musical Medley
    Musical Medley x Mildred Mitchell
    Pancho Villa x Hi Ho Silver
    Pink Seedling x Plum Eyed Delight
    Shores of Time x Clowns Cabaret
    Unvanquished x Hi Ho Silver
    Unvanquished x Mildred Mitchell

    And some I cheated and bought:

    Look Into My Eyes x Jerry Hyatt
    Awesome Artist x Vertical Horizon
    Scarlet Lace x Dance Bojangles Dance
    Fortunes Dearest X Dance Bojangles Dance
    Set Me Free x Green Revolution
    Hurricane Swirls x Wild Irish
    Blue Jean Baby x Asian Fairy Bluebird