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Sorry about being redundant but I'm so EXCITED!!

11 years ago

I brought home all my "picked out" samples and the beach glass tile I choose for my backsplash is a PERFECT match with my bakers table. It will tie the bakers table/frig side into the rest ("L" portion) of my kitchen. The small glass mosaics also look great with the table... best as I can tell. The table is currently sitting in my garage just waiting to be brought down to the other house so I'm not seeing it in the light I'll be living in. Sorry to keep talking about this but you guys are the only ones I know who are nearly as interested in this as I am. If I bring it up at recess; the eyes of the women I teach with glaze over. Though... two of them have asked me to come over and help them pick out a backsplash... :-).

Thanks for listening!

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