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Comcast, unsecured Port 25

If there are any Comcast users here, or if you know, is this a legitimate email? My elderly mother got this email today and called asking what she should do. I told her nothing yet with an August date mentioned in the email, that we had time to check to see what might be required for her Outlook Express, aging Emachine which isn't much of a computer but still a good source of entertainment and communication for her...

"We care about your email security when using our network. On August 1, Comcast announced that for security reasons we will no longer support the use of port 25 for sending email from programs like Outlook or Apple Mail. It appears that one or more computers connected to your Internet account are using port 25 to send email. A port is a connection through which information flows from a program on your computer, from another computer in a network, or to your computer from the Internet, Port 25 is an unsecured port, and it is increasingly used to send spam emails through malicious computer programs called malware. These spam emails are usually sent by computers that have been infected by viruses, and as a result, most users are unaware that their computers are sending spam. By no longer supporting port 25 to send e-mail, this will help prevent your computer from sending spam without your knowledge. "

TIA for your help, I don't have a Comcast contract so hadn't seen it myself...

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