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Comcast email settings for server

8 years ago

Curious to know if anyone is having problems with Comcast email? I use Outlook ver.2010 sez Microsoft and they blame Comcast for any Outlook mail prob.

I am surprised that no one has asked for help. I have been on Comcast forum and we can not send or receive. I have been to the Comcast email experts to ask for the settings as I use Outlook. They gave me bad advice and now are unreachable as of the next day.

The point here is that one forum person found out Thursday night that Comcast Email Central has a big problem. Frosted that they played with me instead of admitting it.

If anyone has current server email settings that are new or not can you put them here if it is not too much work.

Comcast gave me 463 and 995 and I believe that it is 465. Incoming and outgoing mail was not or Both use SSL. That is probably enough
if you have anything different. I have no error numbers just the message that my user name and or password is wrong.

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